the independent divide
the independent divide ncr stories

gayemotbh depressed and well dressed. gf of astro
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a short poem based on the events of fallout: new vegas and the independent vegas ending

the independent divide

a chip of platinum, and a golden bullet. two things that lead to a burial beneath sand and dust

and yet a hand reaches out, gasping for air and gasping for a second chance that is received

the courier’s breath exhales a new atmosphere to the desert sands and the neon streets

as she walks through the shadow of the valley of death

between democracies

and dictatorships

between the nostalgic

and the zealous

she meets a house, a home with a golden smile

and the metallic mass beneath

a deal she can refuse

as she walks amongst the stars and beneath the crimson flags, she speaks only in the words of freedom from control

no democracies, no zealots. no house, no home.

and as she rises once again from the sand, the dust, the ash of all who sought the grasp

she looks upon her kingdom of independence, a divide in the changing world

and she remembers the words of another

“to the divide they came, in the divide they rest”

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