I'm Not Crazy You Are Chapter 2
I'm Not Crazy You Are 

Chapter 2 bnha stories

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Somethings up with Deku, but what is it. (contains mature language)

I'm Not Crazy You Are Chapter 2

written by: because why not co-written by: Cowardly Bean

Over the last few days Deku had been ignoring everyone. This worried his classmates a lot.


Iida had had enough of Deku not talking, and finally decided do confront him about his supposed problem.

So, at lunch when Deku walked into the room Iida walked right up to him and asked him straight up "Deku what is wrong, and why are you ignoring your friends?"

Deku mumbled something along the lines of "go away."

but Iida had other plans "I will not "go away" until you answer my question.

Iida kept asking questions until Deku couldn't take it anymore.

"JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO AWAY" he screamed then slammed his fist right into Iida's stomach leaving Iida breathless.

Deku then proceeds to run away as fast as he could, feeling like the worst person ever, 'till the school building was out of sight. Deku skipped the rest of classes that day...


Deku was supposed to show up to their meeting two hours ago, and he still wasn't there. "Where the hell is my so- I mean Midoriya and why hasn't he been here all week!" All Might yelled with fire burning in his eyes.

Bakugou was taken aback by this outburst and stared at All Might questioningly.

Bakugou then explained to All Might "Dek- uh I mean Midoriya hasn't been at any of his classes after lunch today, he's probably sick."

"oh..." All Might said, though he didn't believe Bakugou's story.

For the rest of the week Deku would not talk to anyone including his own friends.


All Might walked to Deku's room and stoop outside for five minutes before giving it one soft knock.

"What" Deku answered and All Might thought All Might heard something different about Deku's voice.

"May I come in young Midoriya?" All Might inquired.

When there was no answer which made All Might start to worry. "I'm coming in there right now!" All Might said with an edge in his voice.

When there was no answer again All Might burst through the door, but what he saw on the other side stopped him in his tracks.

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