Oh, Tiny Humans
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gavinpay I like to write.
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Tiny Humans:

a poem

Oh, Tiny Humans

by gavinpay

Tiny humans, I find you amusing as you spend each day

running your figure eights, spinning, falling with no fear of losing laughter to bruises, grass to pollution, or companions to death from bullets and grenades.

Tiny humans, you need no solutions for problems that have

nonexistent names, and I envy your free will and choosing, 'cause I have this illness that's been doing critical damage you've only seen in your games

Tiny humans, enjoy being useless before school consumes the

youth of your days and life reveals its veils of illusion, which sealed you behind your foolish musings that only flowers grew -that you would never change.

Oh, tiny humans, I was as clueless as you back when I was

your age, but pages turn and years go by and each new viewing of yesterday's crimes is less confusing once you realize that the world was never tiny.

Humans, I welcome you to join me in my amusement.

I watch them spin and run and laugh and fall and suddenly the ceiling's blue, and I no longer feel so small

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