Under the Sheets, Part 2.
Under the Sheets, Part 2. sheets stories

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18+ Mature content so proceed with caution. You have bee warned so don't report this story.

Under the Sheets, Part 2.

Jumping on the bed with Jim wearing just his boxers, and clothes on the ground next to the bed, Jane naked and in the nude, opens her legs leaning forward creeping toward his face as he lays on bed with her on top.

Reaching his face she asks him whispering in his ear, "Is this what you want baby?" then licks his earlobe earning one twitch from him. He then jumped forward wrapping his arms around her waist with both hands on her ass says, "I never expected this from you but I gotta say," he pause licking his lips blowing some hot air slowly in her ear as he continues, " but I love it."

Jane then fake falls onto Jim to see what he'd do and what he was not even what she expected. He caught her and wrap his arms around her and then used his left leg to push himself sideways and then after that with Jane still in his arms they both ended up switching positions with her under him and him on top.

Looking into her deep, dark, hypnotic eyes Jim smiled placing one hand on Jane's hip maintaining eye contact doing so only breaking it to kiss her and as he kiss her more and more passionately the longer he goes on, his hand begin to rise more and more higher.

As he continues kissing her his hands get closer and closer to her hanging and exposed breasts however, his hands diverged and went down her sides glide on her hands holding and lifting them upwards above her head as he stops kissing her and then his looked into her eyes one last time and smiles biting his lower lip.

He then begins to kiss her neck right neck to her ear. The longer he kissed her the more it changed into him sucking and lick she skin as it enters his mouth. Doing this for a while he moves lower kissing and licking a trial from her neck down shoulder over her collarbone and with his hands on her breasts he begins the fun part.

He licks his way onto her soft, warm breasts holding one breast, his hand barely being able to surround it, he slides his hand from her chest closer and closer to her nipples as he uses his index and thumb fingers to surround it and his lips lightly licking the tip till it get hard.

Licking and rubbing Jane begins to move and moan for the satisfying and strange feeling of the magic Jim's doing to her body. This feeling grew more and more reached it's peak when he pulled hand down to her chest grabbing her breast and putting in his mouth.

With her nipple in his mouth and her other breast being squeezed and released with the perfect amount of force, Jane moans none stop. Jim licking her nipple in his mouth wrapping his tongue around it moving it in circles and sucking on it doesn't help it making her moaning stop.

Jim then began to lightly nibble on her niiples as Jane twitched out of surprise from how it felt. A shock of engery and a pulsating urge for more she grabbed his head and he looked at her with a surprised look then asked, "Do you want more?" to which she replied with a look of lust, "Yes! Please give me more."

With the most mysterious smile, Jim grabbed her breasts and squeezed the nipple of them both then began to pull and twist on them listening to Jane's moaning grow and her plead for more get more frequent. He then grabbed one still rubbing and twisting the other nipple and began to suck on the breast hard and lick it more and nibble on it more too.

His body reacting to her made his mouth water a lot and flooding her breasts with his saliva drowning her nipples and with his sucking getting harder and harder and nibbling more tighter and pleasurable she gave in and her breasts both squirted breast milk out and her moaning grew to it's highest point during this.

With the milk in his mouth he keep it there then goes back to face and kiss her letting it all out in her mouth as they both share the taste of her milk.

He then licked up everything from her tits and began to kiss her skin going lower and lower pass her stomach, across her bellybutton down her hip kissing his way lower and lower till he reaches his final destination but he was stopped.

Jane told him, "Baby stand up," to which he does and with his penis all hard and erect she pull his boxer off and then stand up next to him then throws him down on the bed then walked around the bed creeping up onto the bed with her breasts wet hanging catching his attention but was surprised when she turned to his penis.

She then opens her legs exposing her vagina above his face and his penis below her head she looks at it and looks at him and says, "Be gentle, I'm quite sensitive especially there," and then grabs his penis lifting it up and he gazed at her vagina wonder where to start.

Lemme know if you want part 3😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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