The Resilient Ravenclaw, Part 2
The Resilient Ravenclaw, Part 2 ravenclaw stories

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a special reveal and the continuation Ellie Rode's life after becoming a teacher at Chropo Academia

The Resilient Ravenclaw, Part 2

Ellie's first day was not what she expected from any class.

Ellie's first day was not what she expected from any class. They paid full attension and no one was lost.

Ellie's first day was not what she expected from any class. They paid full attension and no one was lost. They all were quiet up until a boy named Sid stood up to answer a simple question.

Any question I ask after Sid answered, the entire class except him raised their hands in anticipation and unbelievable speed. There was a feeling of intense friendly rivalry between the whole class and that one boy.

At the end of class Sid would always help me carry my stuff and no matter what, he always did. "I see why everone has you as their rival ," Ellie muttered to herself.

Ellie had a very successful class no matter the issues. To test them however she gave them an assignment to complete.

"Class you have till next class to answer me this question. If I have a Impenetrable Sheild and my opponent has a Spear the breaks all defence how could I win. Who ever gets it correct, you would have anything you want from me within reason," Ellie told the class.

"Miss I have the answer," said the most recent student to her class. "What is it then........-," Ellie asked. "Lucus, Lucus Avic," the boy replied. " Yes thank you. So what is it?" Ellie continued.

"Just like the fox that never gets caught and dog that can never fails a hunt, the dog's master would forgive the fox and call the dog back and he would return, in this case you would have to get the wielder of the Spear to let go and then take it and hide it. That way you can't be defeated and you would win," answered Lucus.

"Where did you get that answer from because it is correct...? Well...., I guess I owe you a request then. So what would it be?" asked a surprised and baffled Ellie. "My father taught how to strategize and get into people's minds so it was easy and my request is for you to be my perminant partner in everything I do," Lucus replied.

"Well I guess I have to stand by my word then," with a snap of her fingers a bright chain that slowly became less visible appeared binding and connecting them both of them. "Now, Lucus you can't be more that a kilometer away from me, we now have to gain the other's approval to use our powers and if we are apart from each other too long, say a day, we die."

While this was happening the entire class was shocked and were all baffled. A boy being bonded to girl so the same age of 12. The boy: Sneaky and the girl: Resilient.

When the class ended Ellie and Lucus went to Miss Ann's office to inform her of their situation and surprisingly were treated well and not criticized for about their decision. She then ordered Sir Andrew to make a special room for the two them.

Sir Andrew did as he was told and made a room that only the teaching staff and Lucus could enter. Ellie and Lucus had to stay together ad oddly didn't feel regret for their decision as the matter a fact, they later became a couple but they made sure their positions didn't affect their relationship. Ellie comforted Lucus and he taught her what his father taught him.

THAT'S THE END OF THE STORY AND NEXT IS THE "SPECIAL REVEAL" I TOLD YOU ABOUT. SO PLEASE CONTINUES----------------------------------------------------------------------------->


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