The Gallant Gryffindor,Part 1.
The Gallant Gryffindor,Part 1. gryffindor stories

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what happens when a Gryffindor gets in more trouble than they can handle in my ICSU.

The Gallant Gryffindor,Part 1.

Jen Gren is a girl that is the living embodiment of heroism.

Jen Gren is a girl that is the living embodiment of heroism. She's brave, tactical, strong willed and a stong sense of right from wrong.

She was the child of a Police Officer father and a Doctor mother.

Her life was quite normal that is until she became 10 years old.

Her power was manifesting and its name is 'Conjure'. She could summon or call upon any and everything.

She used it just as you would imagine. To help and save people. She would sneak out of her home at night threw portal she conjured in a costume made from the most durable but tough material she could imagine to conjure.

She would go on the streets and defend people who were about to be robbed or murdered.

She would save them and this made her a target by the police and the bad guys. The police called her a vigillantie and the bad guy called her a pest.

She did her usual check ups and search and noticed that for the last two days there villians joining into one major unit and they were planning something bad.

She wasn't wrong but she also couldn't tell the police because of her being a vigillante so she decided to take things into her hands. Little did she know that what was goig to happen could kill her.

Jen planned to invade their next meeting that night and call the ploce so they would show up in time.

She still was doomed to begin with.

The moment has come and she took off comtemplating on her family and how much she loves them. Her father saw her was concern so he followed her in him car.

She arrived at the bad guy's hudeout and her father did also but he had hid. As she entered the building he followed and was surpised to see this much wanted crimials in one place.

He stepped out and called the station and to the officer to send Squad Chronos. The officer did as he was told and Squad Chropo was on their way.

The villians then started to talk and they all talked sout kill someone who was in the building. They said that the person was not meant to be there and they have no place here.

Hearing this frightened Jen's fther that they kno he was there but what he saw was way worst. They had Jen tied up on a table.

As the leader started talking, Jen's dad checked in with the station asking where the requested squad is. They said their asleep so they'll send three other persons instead and that they're probably there already.

Jen was also muffled so she couldn't screm for help and the numerous bad guys there took their time making her suffer. They had bitten, burn and electircuted which didn't hurt that much becuz of her costume but it hurt her father to watch.

"Their there!" said a voice from Jen's father direction. It was his phone and as it sounded everyone heard and went wild. They started killing each other and one of them tried to kill Jen but she finally faught back and she defended herself well and then everything froze.

Everyone froze except four. Her father, and three persons who adressed themselves as the Chronos Squad replacement. They were Sir Andrew and Charley and Miss Ann. They ask Jen''s father if his daughter could enroll to their school which he agreed to after seeing that she'll be safer than ever.


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