ICSU Chronicles Chapter 2.
ICSU Chronicles Chapter 2. superhero school stories
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After the officers ask for Ann's full help she did just that and this is what those ,unprepared officers of the law unknowingly ask for.

ICSU Chronicles Chapter 2.

As Miss Ann guided the Agents for the Chimera Agency to her school for superpowered children, a suspicious officer ask Ann why she agreed so fast and without putting up a fight; to which she replied,

"You could not have stopped me and even if you tried I would have escaped or just kill all of you in an instant, I could even do that right now but wouldn't." "out of curiosity how would you, an unarmed, unprepared woman kill an entire heavily armed SWAT team plus Special Agents of the Law?" asked Agent Joseph.

"Everything in your body, floating in the air and unground is my weapon. I have control over everything Biological, alive or organic. Your brain, cells, heart and everything else in your body is just a command a way from death," replied Ann as the oAgent in the car with her slightly slid away from next to give her some space.

"Now could you please tell what happened forcing you to come to me?" asked Ann. "Our Agents have been on hunt with a killer code name 'Electrify'. He always manages to get away from us some way or another leaving behind a massive slaughter the case with the least murder being 12 dead. The Agency send me to recruit yo-."

"-Stop right there Agent Joseph. I know you and your team may think that I'll help you but where I am instructing you to go is a place where you would hit the gold mine for help. Also I already wiped your memory of a specific order, not to go anywhere I took you, so I assure you that I mean no harm so please don't be so tense; relax." interrupted Ann

As they arrive at sea, Ann further instructed them to drive into a cave.

Ass they continued down in the cave they were ambushed; this caused every armed personnel to open fire on the predicted location but Ann told them to stop that they are with her.

" CHROPO," yelled Ann as the bombarding attacks stopped. "Those attacks are the guards for the location of the school of superpowered children I named 'Chropo Academia', an underground school to keep the students safe and far from trouble while they have their education. Now since your cars got destroyed I guess I'll take over transportation duties."

As Ann said that, numerous small roots sprouted from the ground surrounding the ground under then make the ground they're standing on float, then with a wave forward and a warning to not stand up and let go, they took off with such a speed it made it hard to breathe and see.

"I'm sorry officers but this is the exact reason why I send Sir Andrew to this kind of work. I am trying to take the bacteria, fungus and all the other microbes from a defensive wall around us but I guess it is too fast for them. No worries though, we have arrived." said Ann as she snaps her fingers undoing all the changes she did to get to school.

"Officers welcome to my second school, Chropo Academia the school with your newest recruits for the mission at hand," said Ann as she join the many prepared and assembled student welcoming them.

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