A day in the life of a student at 'Chropo Academia'.
A day in the life of a student at 'Chropo Academia'. first regional fiction stories
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To those who feel sad about getting bullied, a story of hope, but do what the characters do.

A day in the life of a student at 'Chropo Academia'.

Emily Urmander is a student at 'Chropo Academia' who possess a water base abilities. She could move, mold or shape any liquid she touches.

Those with Water Based Ability (W.BA) have one specific advanage and disadvantage, it is the Moon. Their emotions, power increase and relaxation rely on it.

When it is full their relaxation method is to aleast rest an hour under it. This would calm them down and make them more at ease. Miss Ann would take these students to a restricted portion of the School's Grounds only those who could manipulate liquids are allowed. Today is Emily's first visit.

Early Moday morning as Emily woke up, she felt different. Her power only manifested within the past week,a while after the most resent full moon. She never felt so energetic before.

As the hours flew by and it was time for her first class at 10:30am before which she was so happy she started danceing and so did some of the other students of her dormatory. Everyone there had water bade abilities, that's we are arranged by the elements we manpulate.

Her Mathematics class was very joyful and beautiful trough her eyes. She even grasped the concept of Trigonomety faster and better than most of the class. When her forty nine minute class ended at 11:19, she took a ten minute break and skipped happily to her Social Studies class.

In her S.S class she got every question Miss asked her correct, which made her proud and happier. Miss Ann then called out of 'Dormatory Water' to get ready for a trip tonight at 9:00pm. They're going somewhere special.

"Some were special,wonder what that could be maybe somewhere fun and exciting. 000hhh I can't wait." an anxious Emily squeals.

She then took her half an hour lunch break then headed to Language class. Language class was different. Emily's mood began to change, her energetic behavior became slow and it would get slower and slower as the day grew older.

At 1:58pm her Integrated Science class started and a calm Emily was not as quick to answer any questions as she was in the morning but she still understood the topic of Biodiversity. After this class was another ten minute break then P.E class.

Emily at this moment in the day was relaxed and calm. She was peaseful, not like her usual self. This had grasp the attension of Rebecca Ruby, a studen with flame manipulation abilities, who was quite famous and she pride herself being the best and she got angry when those she hated were happy.

"Emily Urmander, look at so goofy and weird. What is that face your making. Jasmin, Rose come see this face it looks as though she made some friends. My bad that isn't the case isn't it maybe it's because she's trying her best to look good. Emily let me tell you now so you can stop you still look as horrible as you always did," teased Rebecca.

"Do you think I care how I look or are you just making fun of me because I'm happy," replied Emily. "Oh please, you-happy- don't make me laugh. Joy doesn't come to those who look lost and steal my spotlight. I'll make sure you never think of yourself happy again," she said as Rose grabbed Emily's bag, took a book and gave Rebecca.

As an angry Emily wait for Sir Charley to leave the classroom and she replied in a pitiful and angry manner, "Please don't do that, please give back my diary. It is the only thing I have from my parents before thy both died."

Rebecca then threw it to Jasmine as Emily jumped at her to retrieve it. Jasmine couldn't bring herself to give Rebecca the diary after hearing how important it is to Emily so she used her illusion power to make Rebecca think she has it while she has it under a desk.

As a mixed emotion Emily fell to the ground begging for her diary a pissed Rebecca yelled at Jasmine, "Give me that book. You dare mess with me Emily, I'll teach you a lesson." As she collected the book from Jasmine, she set it a blaze while a crying Emily gets so angry she took a offensive stand using her tears as spears.

"Do it I dare you," chuckled Rebecca. "I can't," replied Emily as she and her tears fell.

This entire confrontation was viewed by all three teachers due to Miss Ann's insects she created for surveillance purposes, Sir Andrew sensed it with a eclectic wave he emits from his feet that gives him similar abilities of a bat and Sir Charley had hid and witness it all. They planned a special exercise before P.E class.

It was 2:40pm and P.E class had begun. The teacher made sure Emily and Rebecca were there and then call them forward. "We notice that there's tension within your friendship, so you two will battle it out right here right now in front of everyone. Before you start follow Sir Charley as he rush you threw a few warm up exercises."

After their warm up the battle begins. "Don't worry about injuring your opponent, we have four recovery nurses here to heal them back to tip-top form so go all out no holding back." And with that the guilt that Emily had about hitting someone was gone.

As the battle begin Rebecca made the temperature rise very high to make Emily pass out but that just made her sweat. She then conjured wings and swords from her flames. As she flapped her wings a wave of fire spread across the invisible barrier Sir Andre made. Every was amazed and a few turned away thinking the battle had ended.They were wrong.

With the sweat from the heat and the fact that they are under ground where water is even in the air, Emily made a surprise save with her barrier which had evaporated after its one use. Emily thought smart and ran to rear of Rebecca and to make sure the barrier had held up she reminded herself of her parents and what Rebecca had done.

As the flames cleared, everyone was surprised Emily had survived and that she also has a larger reserve of water. Rebecca took this this as an offense and out of rage she began making reckless attacks which missed and due to this her opponent managed to hit one blow, the final and finishing blow.

Emily made a sword of her own, one that could cut threw Rebecca's flames. She used it to do just that and then made a scratch on her opponent. Emily then with a touch of the small scratch ended the battle. She took control of Rebecca's blood and as she was preparing to attack Emily, her arms clasp and burned each other off.

With that Emily lifted her up in the air by her blood and dropped her then set up a water forcefield in front her watched her fall then walked away.

Emily never made a friendship with Rebecca but she along with everyone else never got bullied ever again and she finally made a friend named Script Riddle, a boy in her class who cheered for her during P.E. When she went with Miss Ann that night she never more safe, happy, secured and she also developed a little crush on Script from then onwards.

She later made friends with Jasmine as she had gave her back her real diary and asked the teachers why they stood there and allowed the fight. They told her, "Some things need to be expressed and let loose instead of being bottled up. That is the one way to maintain peace, happiness and open yourself to change for better or worst."

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