A day in the life of a student at 'Chropo Academia' Part 2.
A day in the life of a student at 'Chropo Academia' Part 2. first regional fiction stories

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the longest story i ever did and i'm sure 80% of you all wouldn't read the whole thing

A day in the life of a student at 'Chropo Academia' Part 2.

Luv Bhudram is a boy born to parents who had an arranged marrage that in the future didn't work out; the wife was rude and contoling and the husband was submissive, never really stood up for himself and though he would rarely show it he loved her a lot.

They had three sons and the luv is the second child. His older brother is a strong spirit and is a well rounded adult; his little brother is very athletic and he though is isn't smart he is brilliant in the social aspect of life. Luv is the stay at home, shutin, introverted and smart one. He had one more thing the others didn't and that was great judgement.

He was the one given chores and was beaten. He was also the one they called on the most. The bigger brother was the breadwinner of the family and the little brother was fulfilling his father's dreams of playing sports as a job and Luv was just there. He has a strong ambition of being a doctor but when his Will Power gets too low he hopes instead of trying.

Luv's brothers were loved dearly by his parents and so was he but the way they showed it didn't really say so; far from it. His brothers loved him in their own ways too. Luv also faced abuse and still loved them very much. He loves them so much that if he made them cry he would cry more than them.

He had a very rare power and being someone with powers is rare already. He has two powers one is Judgement where assess a situation and finds the best way out and the worst way, the other is full on hydro kinesis but only after he sleeps under the full moon once which he did when he felt calm under it so moved the curtain and quickly fell asleep.

Of course he has fear to match his immense power and that was spiders. He was a terrible arachnophobe and get really scared the hairier and bigger it is. His brothers would occasionally tease him with it but they had stopped.

Luv's powers had showed themselves at a rather young age of nine. His Judgement power showed first and was the luckiest coincidence because he used it a lot after he permanently gained his other power. He kept them both a secret and would never tell anyone not even his parents or his brothers; it's the only thing he hid from them.

Luv was enrolled at 'Arc Academia' and at the orientation when he had met the teachers he was removed from the auditorium and taken outside with his mother. His mom, then puzzled and shocked, started conversing with the teacher who said she was the Headmistress Ann and his mom, knowing her place allowed miss to speak.

Luv mother had a long conversation in her office while Luv remained outside. He waited and waited until something else had gained his attention. There was a smaller student being surrounded by four tall older student who make one hit and hurt him. Luv being the good Samaritan he is, he stood up to the boys protecting the fallen student.

Luv secretly used both his powers and to wart the bullies off.He used Judgement to decide the correct way to deal with the situation then he took control of the liquid in the their blood and with an intense look in his eyes moved the bullies bodies to walk to the end of the corridor and he then comforted the girl being bullied.

At that moment the bullies got really angry and at the Luv and the girl he saved named Luna but as Luv noticed he raised on hand and they stopped dead in their tracks just then Miss Ann and Luv's mother came out from the office and saw everything. On seeing his mother Luv told the girl to take care and warned the bullies to leave her along.

His mother ashamed of the situation Luv put her in started scolding him crying. He too started crying and the other students except Luna all started laughing at him and his mother. Luv now pissed that they were laughing at his mother hesitated and didn't use Judgement and bender the blood of everyone laughing and made them shut up.

This made his mother scold him more and he let them go on seeing the pain he caused. Luv then went home with his mother and she and his father had a quarrel while he was packing for his bags for a school he was transferred to. Its name 'Chropo Academia', a school they never heard of and a school that no one except the student know is located.

A man in a trench coat who told mom his name was Sir Andrew and that he'll be Luv's escort to his new school and that he is well qualified and will keep him safe so they have no need to worry.

Sir Andrew then helped loading Luv's belongings in his car and with a wave good bye to his parents they took off. They drove north to the sea and into a cave which was damp, wet, and dark. There was a sense of confusion in the air so while they continued onwards Sir Andrew explained what is happening and what will happen.

"This cave was founded by the caretakers of your new school. The aliens from the planet Chrono135 and their species addresses them selves as Chronos. You shouldn't try to ever confront them in combat due to their rather fast ability to adapt to any situation. It's like your Judgement power but for their bodies and not mind," explained Sir.

A shy and baffled Luv asked, " Excuse me Sir, how did you know about my power. I made sure I told no one not even my parents, how did you find out?" "Well just like you I have powers too and your new school will help you learn to use it effectively and safely. My power is 'Physics' is could defy, bend and use all the laws, rules, and theories," replied Sir.

"I also know that you have two power and honestly, your the first student here with that ability but due to your ability to manipulate water at will with no restriction I suppose you be placed in the 'Water Dormitory' and the last thing you'll need to know and have are your books but no worries I have those I the back as a gift."

"Also i tell you now your studies will be tremendously aided and your powers will be tested and you'll leave he a well rounded student," finishes Sir as the arrive at the huge grounds of the underground school.

"'Chropo Academia', a underground school for those just like me," Luv muttered to himself. As they headed to the Headteacher's office, he was surprised to see Miss Ann who then welcomed Luv and assigned a clone to him using her power 'Biology' which she used to multiply and replicate her cells to form the clone.

Luv is a very outstanding students; he finally found his place. He rarely had troubles in class and but he would often question the logics of popularity and would protect those being bullied and until he watched a girls used the same waters powers in a Power Exhibition class, bully versus bullied fight, did he asked the teachers for a change.

He wanted a change in the P.E classes. He debated that the P.E class should be similar as the battle he had seen. That way it would allow the students to use their fully capabilities and grow, also it would shine some light on how thier abilities work and their restrictions which they could use to their advantage.

On hearing this they decided that what he said was correct so Miss Ann changed the entire class structure; she made a bunch of safety clone that would heal someone by rapidly repairing and mutipling their cells. and a bunch of intructer clones as well. With this he was then assigned to call Sir Andrew.

Miss Ann instructed Sir Andrew to touch Luv's forehead, grasp the synapse of what he thinks the new P.E class should be and then touch my forehead sending the synapse to me so I could make the Instructor Clones. They did this and was successful. They then introduced the topic and said that if anyone is against it let them battle Luv.

Surprisingly, five persons raised their hands. A girls from Flame or Fire Dormitory, a boy from Land Dormitory, a girl from Draft or Air Dormitory, a boy from Luv's own Water or Aqua Dormitory and another boy from Spirit or Ghost Dormitory. As they did this Miss called them up on stage to introduce themselves

"Hey, i'm Lily Blaze from the Flame dormitory; I don't agree due to the physical toil this would cause to the body." "Hi, I'm Mike Mount from Land Dormitory and I disagree due to is already being accustomed to the P.E classes we may have trouble with the change. "Hello everyone, my name is Ariel Swirl and I disagree due to the fact of it being dangerous."

"Heyo, I'm Wilber Whirlpool from the same Aqua dormitory as Luv here and I disagree due to my thought that this is all a scheme to gain attention." "Well...hello there, my name is George Boot from the Grey Dormitory and I disagree because I don't like using my powers that much so much that it is dependent on a good grade."

As Lily, Mike, Ariel, Wilber and George end and stood aside Miss Ann then explained, " Great arguments, but we have solutions. We have Healing, Instructor clones on the wait also the clones are well able to protect you all at any case and the Healing clones would makes sure you rarely feel pain."

The teachers then escorted the six students those who disagree and within an instant Mike make an Arena from the stone below his feet, Wilber made sure they were dry and Lily made sure they are warm and not too cold, after all they are underground.

"The rules are simple you would battle one on one, agree and disagree. Who even win the first three battles would decide whether we change the subject or not, also since Luv will be in all the battles he would have a personal Healing Clone for the battles," explained Miss Ann while Wilber enter the Arena with Luv by his side.

As the horn went off signaling the start Wilber waisted no chance and took it every time he got. He cut his own wrist and rushed blood out and bended it to his bidding. He used it to slap, beat, and pummel Luv; little did he know that Luv was also abused as a child and with dangerous items too that all broke when they hit his skin.

It was now time for a comeback and as Wilber was constantly pay attention to the crowd and not the battle, Luv constantly used Judgement and finally took control of the battle. He made the little water droplet Wilber breath out become his weapons and made a very small needle and with a few swishes of his hands Wilber had holes in his brain, heart and lungs.

Next was Lily. She had the best performance and was a bit too angry and easily distracted. She was his worst battle and without Judgement he would have lost. He used the sweat on her skin and made transparent bullets that went threw her eyes and with respect to her being a girl he did nothing more and told Miss she lost, it's over. That was true and fortunate.

At this moment in time Luv had two wins under his belt and those that disagreed had zero those numbers did change and it changed fast. Next to enter was George and what a difficult and fierce battle it was. Those from the Grey Dormitory had powers that had no control what so ever over Air, Water, Fire or Earth. George's power was Astral-Projection.

George's body at the beginning of the battle fell to the floor and unknown to everyone is that George, who had Dissociative Identity Disorder, and he had let his other sides take over. Thirteen left his body and three remained. The caretaker Kyle, the planning Jen and the genius Gin. The other thirteen were invisible but constantly hit Luv.

Their hits were so hard they made him get a concussion, a damaged skull and bones. It was because of this that Luv had lost the battle. Now the score 2 wins to agree and 1 to disagree. Then next person out after Luv had recovered was Ariel. She did pose a threat but was quickly beaten as well. She has the ability to full on control air and what ever it does.

Ariel quickly made tornados and hurricanes with speeds of which should suffocate someone, but it didn't. Luv took a page out of Wilber's book and cut himself to make a blood cocoon to stay safe. He won by making his blood cocoon into a shield and head towards the eye of the storm. He also made a puddle under his feet anchoring himself to the floor.

As a last resort lucky shot he randomly shot thin bullets of blood at Ariel which not only hit but due to their screw shape it span and made holes instead of just a pierce. One of the bullets hit her in the chest arm and leg winning Luv his third and final battle. With his victory he had made a name for himself and carved a new path for the P.E subject.

Luv did what he wanted. He made friends, stood up to power and made a name for himself at 'Chropo Academia'. He also gain the trust of the teacher and became a well rounded student better than he was before. He fought for his glory and fought hard just like we al should.


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