Would you rather but Commaful edition :
Would you rather but Commaful edition : would u rather stories

galaxypower Mystic supernatural writer - Maybe Mabel
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By galaxypower: The big question Would you rather? Is here on Commaful and the choices may impact your life so to know yourself answer away. It may save you. (Bruh this description is like a movie trailer for would you rather but it’s the exe version)

Would you rather but Commaful edition :

Would you rather date a spider who can air fly kiss you or date a ladybug which gives you luck whenever you are with it?? Onto the next one: Would you rather give up posting on Commaful or other social sites??

Would you rather wear the same clothes for three days straight or try to change your wardrobe with the latest trendy outfits???? Finally, Would you rather quit Commaful as your friend never heard of this or stay on Commaful and post stories as you don’t care about those “friends”???

Good luck too those who are participating!!! Adios

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