Serving frostbite
Serving frostbite  story stories
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galaxypower Mystic supernatural writer - Maybe Mabel
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Okay, this is a narrative and well if you seen my previous post regarding ice it is all centred on a character. Hopefully someone will like it. Besides narratives are cool

Serving frostbite

Sharpening my icy blade as something which can punture through those shadows. My kind are not inferior. Though many despise us I shall reclaim my thorne.

The abyss is something to be glorified where diverse individuals shall fight above the fractured surface. War is entertaining. Deep down that is where people's darkest fear comes about. There is no need for an introduction. Instead maybe a few drinks shall cure my blood thirst.

The wine itself echos the siren tunes making me dreading every choice that I take. It makes my body feel like to jump of the wooden plank. Shall I be tempted to stir trouble by making yet another proclaimed ridiculous story or play devils advocate as that is what I do best. Subtle hints and clues shall be giving. As you are ideally to follow the trail.

Don’t lose track or you will miss your reward. A divine golden treasure. Now, the secret is not so hidden. The ship on the horizon has been plummeted beneath the gushing whirlwind water. A waterpool rotated it in a heavily spin that it was like a lollipop that becomes smaller after every lick.

Disaster! They ship has wrecked! So, solider now you see the thin ice can even crack a boat in half and through that .... You are lucky to be here out in the sun. Although, if winter came maybe it’ll be your turn to experience frostbite.

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