Living until the last turn.
Living until the last turn.  living stories

galaxypower Mystic supernatural writer
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Is this a dream? This poem is like a puzzle. A puzzle to understand what it is about. That is exactly what the main character is trying to solve.

Living until the last turn.

I regret travelling to different dimensions because it had recurred many times. My memories are frequently replaced. It is rumoured that there is a world with hideous crimes. This world is very cruel which made me feel disgraced.

Wake up, and be free from this delusion. Is this a dream or is this a shady ordeal? Am I living in reality or am I living in an illusion? My mind is focused on reality which is highly ideal.

Is this my imagination? I withnessed a boy smiling. He implied that this isn't my imagination which made me burn in vexation. However, I only see him when I close my eyes which was frustratingly beguiling.

I wondered if he was human. Maybe my mind is confused. He played his game and thought I would be inhuman. Every time I lost against him my mind leaps in clouded thoughts and feels bemused.

I surrended my soul and atoned for my sins. There is no end. A new story begins. This time things are mended.

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