Dead of Night: By Lavi @galaxypower
Dead of Night:

By  Lavi 

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galaxypower Mystic supernatural writer
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Drive safely and do not get lost otherwise you may never come back.

Dead of Night: By Lavi @galaxypower

One day, a couple went out on a date. They were amazed that their day was not interrupted by gloomy, blustery, showers.

However, the couple wanted some privacy, so they drove to a romantic place with beautiful, ocean blue lakes. A few hours later, the sun descended, and they walked back to the car.

Unexpectedly, they ended up on a road they weren't familiar with. The man decided to take charge. He grabbed his phone out of his pocket and looked at Google Maps.

They remained calm despite getting lost. The man proceeded down the dark, creepy, narrow road until they reached a tunnel. The man proceeded and drove cautiously, into the tunnel. Pitch - black.

There was only darkness. The car did not come out from the outside of the tunnel. Silence. Nothing was heard or seen. Silence.

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