Conspicuous Façade
Conspicuous Façade mask stories

galaxypower Mystic supernatural writer
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Does a mask protect you or harm you? Is it evil or good? Only you know. The suspense of an invisible mask begins.

Conspicuous Façade

Narration: Weird dreams often contain moral messages about reality. The weirdest dreams happened at night when you fall into a deep sleep. A sleep so deep that even your body had fallen to sleep. Your body remains paralysed. You are unable to get up because your body is nailed to the bed.

Most of my dreams are related to school. I am frequently stressed about school and get nightmares. Those are normal but the hilarious thing is how my dad drove a car which flied above London Bridge. He managed to get me to school on time which was surprising. The school is not located in London by the way.

When I get nightmares, I would panic. My body jumps which keeps me awake. I breath rapidly which is also known as hyperventilation.

Conspicuous Façade poem:

Without you I am nothing. You need me to protect you from the tortuous truth. You wear me to cover your scars and use me for strength and comfort. I am your safety net which can take you away from reality. I am a shadow which fills your mind in total darkness. Without you I don’t have a meaning.

As a friend I am very helpful. I remind you to write what you feel instead of thinking it. I hide your thoughts of sin and shine a light to remove the darkness from your face. I am your enemy which can break you to million pieces.

When you don’t need me, I already know that. Afterall, the stab in your heart and mind by the darkness will consume you. To your eyes it appears to be a false fabrication which you imagined then why do you use me.

I get replaced and used again when you go outside. I am your shadow, but I am not you. I die like a butterfly and I appear to be alive in the next cycle of your life.

Break me free and everyone can see your face. No more lies. No more fake smiles. No more burning heat from hell. Only freedom will give me the choice to not exist. I disappeared because of you after you finally made the decision to break free and fly away like a butterfly.

By: Lavi @galaxypower

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