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galaxypower Mystic supernatural writer
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It's your average joe with a new post. (I updated this by modifying this post again) I got rid of any mistakes so please read this updated version with better clarity. (Psst it’s good to proof read and get errors erased)

Admit your flaws

Today, this post is going to highlight some things which I am willing to conquer. For instance, my ability to not divert my mind or stay consumed by a single event. I try but my mind is equivalent to a brick wall.

I tend to overthink. However, I am grateful and blessed to have someone their to confront me with these and how to overcome and develop myself. If you are like me hopefully we can have a chill out session where in writing just let every emotion out but not every detail out.

We all have private lives so it is best not to publicise. I will probably do posts talking about my inner conflict with myself . Afterall, as I get older I see my flaws but so stubborn to not face them as it is like I have an evil twin. Strange as it might seem there is no evil. Instead it is your fears . Your mind cleverly illustrate as it is evil.

So, I am finishing this of as a happy welcome back. Please feel free to discuss things regarding this topic with me. Also, feel free to also visit galaxy2 which btw is me or dipper_2020. (Not sure what series I shall start but if you want drop your suggestions in the comment section) Byeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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