My cats Tom and Pearl (aka FatCat)
My cats Tom and Pearl (aka FatCat) animal stories

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I’m bored and putlocker won’t work so here I am.

My cats Tom and Pearl (aka FatCat)

This is my cat Tom.

He was a kitten once.

Now he’s a massive Knight’s supporter.

He likes to lay on his back and roll around.

And sleep.

He sleeps waaaaay too much.

He makes this face when I wake him.

Then he sleeps more.

He thinks he looks like this.

But in reality he just looks like a tiny whiny baby.

His sister is weird too.

They like to sit outside my window and plot to take over the world with their secret dragons.

I know they have dragons. It’s just a matter of time till I find them...

They think they look like this together.

But they actually only look like this together.

Tom Tom thinks he’s majestic. (Look at dat shadow!)

Fatso the Catso think she’s majestic too.

But she’s actually just super derpy like our dog. How did she even get up there?

Oh well. I want this parrot for Christmas... it talks.

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