I don't want to sound like a freaking fangirl, but...
I don't want to sound like a freaking fangirl, but... random stories

gachauwu 豚の暴行!!!!!!! -嘴平 伊之助
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I don't want to sound like a freaking fangirl, but...

Let me ask you a question:

What would you do if someone liked your crush?

A crush that you loved so much but you just don't want to confess?

A crush that you are dying to know who he likes?

Get jealous, right?

That's mostly 98% of the people.

Some just don't care.

They'd find a different person and move on.

But I guess I'm part of the 98%.


......I really.....

Just don't know how to explain it....

Probably he knows her in real life,

Probably he knows her more than he knows me.

Probably he doesn't like me,

Probably he likes...


I don't want to say it to him,

To save all the embarrassment and shame both to her and I.

But on the inside.....

I feel as if a ball of fire is arousing.

Wanting to burst out and engulf her,

Wanting to murder her.

And I'm not even a killer.

All because of him.

No, it can't be his fault.

It's hers.

She likes him,

But I do too.

Sometimes the questions just float in my mind,

"Why can't you just like me and not her?"

"I've done everything for you"

"What has she done?"

"She's only that one friend that stands by you"

"You even said I was your best friend"

"Why can't we be more?"

"Don't get upset, you ARE my best friend"

He always consoles me.

It really doesn't seem like it, does it?


We are not meant together?


She is perfect for him?

They both shine in the light

Glimmering, sparkling

As if they are like a pure match

While I sit in the darkness

Watching in envy

Knowing that I'll never take be able to her place





I am nothing but a hopeless fangirl.

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