eYYyYYYYyy Im baCkKkKkK
eYYyYYYYyy Im baCkKkKkK random stories

gachauwu Oya oya oya? *insert gay (smh XD)*
Autoplay OFF   •   4 months ago
New artwork again xD

iTs BeEn OnE wEeK tHo

and Im literally simping for a guy who's not even real x"DDD

eYYyYYYYyy Im baCkKkKkK

xDDDD ItS bEeN oNe FrIgGin WeEk thOOo

aNyWaY I have a new artwork for y'all!! Hope ya like it!! :DD

(This is the translation)

This sentence means "Hey, you there?" :DD

I guess I liked doing this artwork a lot, as I got to mess around with whatever lighting effect I could do xDDD

I initially wanted to draw sans sleeping, but when i was bored coz i was too lazy to complete the artwork (lol) I just drew a phone in his hand and I thought, "oh hey now DaTs NoT a BaD iDeA" and so i drew him with a phone xDDDD

Also, I made this drawing in Japanese format, because, why not, I like it, lol xD *HAVE A KORO SENSEIIIII* (from the anime Assasination Classroom) I AM IN SIMP WID DIS MAN AND I WILL NOT HIDE ITTTT AJDBAKJDKSBDJSB

Author: Im sorry but gachauwu has decided on a sudden simp spree again xD Please wait for the screaming and simping to calm down xDDDD She will explain her simping in the next post if possible -_-

*aHeM* aNyWaY I hOpE yOu lEiK dA aRt

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