The Memory Cleanser
The Memory Cleanser

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gabryelaspeaks scribbles about feelings.
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if you could erase the moments that once took your breath away, would you?

The Memory Cleanser

About the Product: Erases unwanted past and allows people to live without any memory of life's pain, tragedy nor bitterness. -wordsofgabby-

Time, Route and Dosage: Before 12 noon. Sublingual. Nothing more than 3 puffs -wordsofgabby-

Pharmacokinetics :  Segregates "specified memories" along with the people involved and turns them into beads of water. The whole process of memory cleansing starts when the sun's heat reaches its peak and ends after it turns into squeezed oranges splattered in the sky. -wordsofgabby-

The moment the salty water dries, no trace of leaving and abandonement will ever peep into  consciousness again. -wordsofgabby-

Side Effects: Complaints of having episodes of bad dreams. No bad dream has lasted for more than 3 months. -wordsofgabby-

Doctor's Reason for Prescribing: Patient's Verbatim: That quiet morning over an English breakfast when he said, I've made him feel deserted and how he has found sunflowers in someone else's smile. -wordsofgabby-

Signs and Symptoms: Sleepless nights, puffy eyes, feelings of rejection,  questioning of self-worth and the painful process of outgrowing another person's body. -wordsofgabby-

Expected Outcome: His weight on her lavender lotioned skin , the warmth of his arms reaching her naked spine, his soft kiss on her blooming cheeks, -wordsofgabby-

the nights he made her feel more radiant than the moon, the many moments her laughter drowned the rain, the endless conversation across the waves of distance - -wordsofgabby-

all of those are boxed up and turned into beads of salty water, disposed by the process of evaporation. -wordsofgabby-

Evaluation: After a week, the product was left unopened. -wordsofgabby-

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