Sunset Blues
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Sunset Blues

If there is something I miss It would be the sunset that I would see whenever I go home.

I remember watching it slowly descend into the sea Until it vanishes into the horizon.

I would always walk home, Neglecting the jeepneys I could've ridden,

Just so we could meet every day - Like a gentleman courting his lover from afar.

I would always bask in its gentle glow And embrace its wistful warmth

To quell this chilling longing I feel Whenever I wanted to paint my bluish days with yellow

My feet would stop and my eyes would look at it And it's as if my stomach is filled with butterflies

I can feel my heart beat quicker as time moves slower Tempting me like a moth moving closer to the flame.

And even though I know I'll burn if I get too close It's something I would've wanted. I love the sunset after all.

But I know that it would only take some time Before it fades away from my eyes

And even if I stretched out my arms just to keep it longer I could never reach it, no matter how far I try.

And I could only stay under Van Gogh's night Weeping under the stars, like a wolf howling at the moon.

I would blanket myself to keep myself warm from the cold As I wait for the next day to come and see me.

Even if I get impatient, I should not be For the bridge is the only thing that keeps me from falling in into the river

And if it breaks apart and I fall down, or I give in to the sadness Then I might jump and drown into the deepest thoughts - planting bad ideas in my mind.

Though I fear at times that it is the only thing that is keeping me sane From this insane world. Or am I the insane one in this sane world?

A kaleidoscope of mess. A psychedelic canvas. An abstract that seems to miss its meaning. Dependent, too dependent perhaps, for the sunset to sort these rampant feelings.

And how dare I ask for the sunset to love this part of me For it is not something that anyone could love.

Still now I kept thinking about what could have been the perfect place For me to bid goodbye to you and your smile.

But instead, all we got to give are just lonely stares And reassuring gestures that everything will be okay in the end.

Will it really be okay in the end? Or am I just too optimistic about it? What if you never shine my day again? Or shoo away the rain clouds?

Perhaps it's too late to ask those now. As I only have the moon, the stars,

The city lights, and the night sky To see whenever I go home.

I'm hoping that there will come a time when I'll see you again. And if it does, I'll bask in your gentle glow

I'll embrace your wistful warmth And I'll paint these bluish days with yellow.

And if I can't keep my heart away from these sunset blues Then I'll always look back to the moment where I first met you.

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