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Trying out something new.


Once, there was nothing Then, there was love between two And from it came you.

They gave you nurture And care to see you grow up To someone better.

Through passage of time You began to learn new things That will soon make you

There came a moment When rebellion took over As you grew older

But you still loved them They never stopped loving you And accepting you.

You then fell in love The first kind in your story And the first to hurt.

You graduated From school, love, and childishness To face the real world.

You began working To live - to give better life For your family.

Toiling away time To your career - but never Neglecting your health

You fail. You succeed. You give your all to reach heights Higher than before.

You went to places Alone or with company To capture its view.

You opened your door To someone who knocked softly To warm your cold heart

Life went routinely Wake up, do work, go home, and Love your family.

You gave a new world To the next generation To care and live on.

Made a legacy That will let them remember Who you were before.

Time flies. Lives wither. Ceremonies are there to share Memories of them.

Mourn. Cry. But live on And never forget to smile. That's your only choice.

You did what they did And became a great parent With what you could do.

Time flies. Youth withers. But you knew you've done all for Their better future.

So dear, close your eyes And rest. For you have now reached The end of your road.

Don't worry. Don't weep. Don't. It is their time to move on And write their story.

And now, it's your turn To watch over as their star Shining the brightest.

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