The Thing About His Story
The Thing About His Story romance stories

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He thought he was alone and unimportant. He was wrong.

The Thing About His Story

Temo was alone most of his life. He barely knew his parents. They died in a car accident when he was five. Or so he was told. He couldn't remember. All he knew was their was nobody left for him. He was a ward of the state. Unloved, unknown.

He felt no urge for friendship. He liked people but only at arms length. He enjoyed observing life but shied away from the experience. Being alone in a city was where he was comfortable. Then one person broke through.

Amy was his only friend. His one romantic partner. A woman he met his last year at a small community college. Temo couldn't understand why she liked him. Amy saw something. For reasons she couldn't quite understand she was drawn to him.

He bathed in the experience not sure he would ever or could ever be with another woman. They moved in together. He was still guarded but she made life better. He could see light. They were still together five years later.

"Know your history! Know your story!" The ad at the BART station proclaimed, "Your Story DNA" Amy chuckled to herself, "Why not?" She order two kits on her phone.

Temo was weirdly nervous, even for him. "What is this Amy?" She smiled and admitted it was a bit silly, "Just try it," she said. "We'll see what you're really all about. At a molecular level!" They both laughed.

She was starting to really love him. But he was still hard to know. She thought if he knew a relative was out there, that would help him somehow. Open him up just a bit.

Amy and Temo took the test and dropped the packets in the mail. Temo didn't actually want to know anything about his story but sensed this was something Amy really wanted. So he played along.

She was at work on a Saturday. He was at home. It had been a month and they had both forgotten about the test. He was sitting on the floor organizing his records when he felt something right behind him. He turned. It all happened so fast.

Men in SWAT gear. Assault rifles. Quiet but forceful. He was tackled to the ground. His mouth gagged. He was stunned. What was happening? He began to panic.

A heavy knee in his back. A strong gloved hand pinned his head to the floor. The last thing Temo saw was Amys orange sweater tossed on the sofa. A needle stuck in his arm. A voice whispered in his ear. An explanation just before all light was extinguished.

"We didn't know you existed. We hunted your parents but clearly they covered their tracks well. I guess we killed them too soon. You can't understand why we are doing this because you don't know your own story. It was hiding in your blood."

"You don't know that eventually you would have hurt us. Your kind is a threat to all of us. But it ends here. You are the last of them."

Amy scanned the living room. Nothing was out of place but something felt... off. It was perfectly quiet in the apartment. She put her bag on the coffee table and went to the bathroom. When she returned, she sat on the sofa crying a bit. She used her orange sweater to wipe her tears.

She decided she would tell Temo the minute he got home. No point in putting it off even though she was unsure how he would react. She checked her phone again to see if she had a missed text or call from him. There was an email from the DNA place. Her results were in. "Huh," she sighed, uncaring.

She set her phone down and let out a deep breath. There was never going to be an ideal time for this, she thought to herself. But maybe he will be happy. Happy to start building a new history.

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