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Picture this

by gabbycampos

You're standing on the edge of the highway

Cars are passing you by

Each car is a manifestation of your thoughts

Some are fast

a thought that leaves as quickly as it enters

Some are moderate

the thoughts that make you think for a short while, before leaving you once again

Very few are stopped

These are your lingering thoughts. They are the ones that never seem to go away. They are the ones that are most broken of all.

But nevertheless,

They too will pass

And slowly Very slowly But eventually

All the cars will disappear

And you will have no thoughts


For why you're still standing there




and Confused

You almost wish that the cars would come back. Or maybe...

You'd finally decide to walk away

But you don't

Because you know...

That the safest place you could ever be

Is right there, on that highway

On the road of your thoughts.

Where everything is always moving.

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