blooming and wilting (with you)
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awakened from the darkness by your touch / sowing seeds of youthful joy / the flowers seemed to be drenched in the blood of our pain. / hermione granger, draco malfoy, and wilting flowers / a harry potter fanfiction / was originally written by me for a forum challenge on fanfiction . net

blooming and wilting (with you)

Prompts: [color] hyacinth (playfulness, youth) [word] awakening [sentence] the flowers were all drenched in blood. [setting] outside in the rain


you were my awakening: you woke me from a deep, dark sleep.


Everything had been dark for quite a while.

Everything had been dark for quite a while. Hermione had been dark.

Everyone she had loved seemed to die, seemed to leave. Harry dead, Ron left. Fred dead, George left. Luna dead, Ginny left.

She was all alone.

And then he came, he came like a shining light shining through the dark haze that surrounded her.

He awoke her from the slumber of pain she felt, from the darkness surrounding her mind, and she opened, blooming into the light.


days in the light, you made me bright, again.


She found that she wasn’t alone, and they were smiling. They had been both through so much, but the worst was yet to come, and they still held on to their innocent youth.

They still held on to the light, together.

[it was so much easier to see the light when we were both staring up at the sun]


come, and play with me, outside in the rain.


There is a certain point when you simply seem to be happy in the moment, even after all that sorrow.

There is a moment when you can still go out and laugh in the rain, and not have the darkness filling your brain.

That moment is now.

He helps her hold onto the light that seemed sometimes so far out of reach.

And they laugh and dance and play in the rain, splashing in mud and puddles, and though they are young adults already, they can still feel this joy.


yet, it seems that no flower can live forever.


They were a flower. A beautiful, short lasting, volatile thing that would break so soon.

And it seemed that they had been hyacinth, so young, so playful. The flower that can never last, the flower that blooms and wilts so fast.

And now?

And now they are apart.

[and now, they have let go of the light.]


the flowers were all drenched in blood.


He gave her the seeds of a light, and she took them and sowed them in the earth. They danced together, smiling, and the flowers bloomed and grew, up up up to the sun and wide-open sky.

The flowers bloomed, and their joy was the rain and sun to the happy flowers.

And now?

And now the rain has turned to tears and blood, and the flowers are drenched in red.

[just like the markings i’ve made]


i miss us.


if you ever read this, you know who you are….

(i miss us.)

i really, really do.

and i’m sorry.

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