The Way You Breath
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frucissiereFloating in a random mad man's illusions
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The Way You Breath

To see your chest moving softly calms me down. With that, I’m sure you are ok, at least until the end of another day.

And it’s the quick winking, with long eyelashes casting soft shades unto already dark eyes.

And it’s the way your skin folds when you smile, and the way you try to turn your lips inside so they look smaller – even though you are beautiful, just the way you are.

The way you move your tiny hands around, playing with the single long nail. The way you put them into the side of your head, or in your hair, your lap, or anywhere, but the table.

And the way you walk, in short, fast steps. The steps that take you through life, as you casually deny the pain you feel, the way you run and hide, push everyone aside, and never let anyone in.

You turn your back, to not face the consequences, or your sins, your loved ones, me, or anything.

And despite all the pain that you deny – I’m so glad you are alive.

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