Sleeping short stories

frucissiere Blazing iron in the house of death
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Just practicing


His breathing was soft. Sometimes, it would get pretty agitated, as his heart rate would increase drastically. But for now, was soft.

Wondered if he was having a good dream. Sure hoped so. Life had never been kind to that boy, not one bit, so maybe at least like that, asleep, he could get a taste of sweet.

Placed his head on the boy’s forehead, pushing the hair aside and gently caressing it. A really, really subtle smile seemed to form on the corner of the boy’s mouth, as he let out a deep breath.

Almost looked as if he was going to wake up, but this just wasn’t the case.

Outside the window, the sky was red. It looked like the end was upon then.

“How long are you going to stay here?” A girl was standing on the doorway. Hadn’t noticed her “You should rest”

“Yeah” nodded, but had no plans to move. Outside, the battle was raging. The very battle that put that boy in that bed, sleeping.

“I mean it” She looked a bit angry, entering the room “He will be taken care of”

“I’m aware” Distantly gazed upon the red sky. With a sight, stood up, and whispered to the boy “I guess I’ll fight for you while you sleep”

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