Father’s protection
Father’s protection  dads stories

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May you pray for my womb Pray for my womb.

Father’s protection

May you pray for my womb

Pray for my womb.

May your words of prayer cushion the walls of what we soon shall call our baby's home

May your hands around my tummy promise protection to our unborn child

May God reign in our family and let us stand before our enemy

With such great blessing comes great destruction

May kneeling be our healing before we're introduced to the parenthood feeling

Love is uneasy yet naturally pleasing

Oh before I forget, please pray for my womb,better yet our womb

Where a home is built by material we call love

Where protection comes naturally

May he recognize the sound of your voice from the windows of my belly

May your love vibrate through the warmth of your hands roofing what is temporarily his home until He officially defines love at first sight when he arrives on earth like royalty

Daddy please pray for my home[?]

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