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frnk im a boy and i cry a lot i guess
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I quote leathermouth in this I promise it's not plagiarism //tw: hand wounds in images


by frnk

"it's not a big deal."

I'd say that a lot

I know you never believed me

But the lie kept falling out of my mouth like earth tumbling off the side of a mountain, my words are a landslide.

they leave destruction in their wake.

"Everything's fine,"

I told you, through bleeding lips and a bruised jaw that wouldn't close just the way it should,

"It's not a big deal."

I promise

Shrug it off, boy, no one cares.

you can peel off your skin and leave burns in places you can say it was an accident and no one bats an eye

it's almost too easy

"Cooking accident" "Just a scrape"

the lies weave their way around my broken teeth like ghosts navigating a graveyard

no one questions them

you can't see blood on a black t-shirt

my hands are covered in bandaids and shaking like a terrified dog, we're all just terrified

terrified of ourselves

But it's not a big deal

Don't worry

we're fine

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