Underestimate me (part 3)
Underestimate me (part 3)  lgbtq stories

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Underestimate me (part 3)

I wake up on the concrete laying in a pool of blood and my face in pain “ah damn” I get up my arms weak

I get up still light headed from losing so much blood I fall back onto the wall breathing heavily

I bite the inside of my cheek a copper taste over comes inside my mouth ‘great’ I say in my head I sit there and look up at the sky

“The sky’s clear today” I say to myself sitting up on the side walk

(“Mom,dad! Watch out” i yell) ‘That flashback why now..the crash noise still rings in my ears it was only a year ago, I lost my mother because my father is careless fucking drunk’ I think I let out a dry cough that stings the back of my throat

“I think it’s time for me get home” I say weakly “wish someone was here to carry me on there shoulder and guide me” I scoff and smile “it’s not that easy huh.” I laugh “like some cheeky manga” I get up on my feet and start walking home

I open the door of my house and walk in shutting the door in behind me still letting out a shaky breath with a Gatorade in hand

“Seth is that you?” I hear a slurred voice ‘he’s been drinking again.’I say in my head I walk in and see my father sitting at the table with a half empty bottle of vodka “where have you been” he says hiccuping after each word

“None of your business” I pull off my bloody jacket and shirt “none of my business I am your father!” He shouts out a reply “well you sure don’t act like it!” He sits there shocked “your not my father! how about you parent that vodka bottle it’s all you know how to do now” I shout at him

“How dare you this is my house! And you speak to me like that” he yells back “fine! I’ll fucking move out” I storm to my room and pack up a suitcase with all my clothes and documents and put a new shirt on.

I walk out my room and walk to the door I put my hand on the doorknob and look back at him “when your liver fails from drinking so much don’t call me to come collect you!” I open the door and slam it shut in behind me

I breath heavily leaning against the wall next to the door staring up at the porches ceiling

“Where do I go now...”

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