Amare disease (part 2)
Amare disease (part 2) love disease stories

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The pills...

Amare disease (part 2)

Love disease it’s called

There’s no way to cure it

You can just treat it

With pills

Heart shaped pills

Patients say the pills are “a dream come true”

“Oh really?”The doctors reply “why is that”

“Because I can just sleep around and not catch feelings” the patients reply

“But what if the person you sleep with catches feelings.” The doctors question

“Oh well not my problem” the patient says heartlessly


Tylar sits there at his desk looking at a paper I watch him with a bag of popcorn in my hand

“Felix” I look up at him from my popcorn bag “yea?”

“Can you get a pen out my book bag” I nod “sure” I go into his room and spot his book bag I look through it

I spot a tab of pills in the bag face down I get confused and pick it up

I see rolls of heart shaped pills on the tab “what the hell...” i stare at them I hear foot steps “hey Felix” tylar stops in his tracks and i hold up the tab of pills

“Felix I-“ he tries to speak “you lied to me? Why’d you act like you were surprised?”

“I-I was amare disease is very rare I-I’ve never met someone like me but now you..” I furrow my eyebrows “it’s not even about that it’s these pills” I hold them up in his face

“You can’t love someone on these pills! You say you love me but you don’t feel it on these so you don’t KNOW you love me!” I yell at him

“But I do love you” he says “then PROVE it stop taking these pills” I say to him “Felix” he laughs unsure “be reasonable please...”

“The disease isn’t fetal these pills are just for people who don’t wanna feel feelings the only thing these do that are good is make the rash disappear” I hold them up to him then drop them on the ground

“I’ve been on these pills Tylar the feeling these make you feel is foul and horrible” I point to them looking at him “get off them please...”

Tears fall down my face and I put my hands to my eyes “please tylar”


I see Felix stand there crying I go over to him and hug him “it’s okay Felix I’ll stop.. I’ll stop” He holds on me I kiss the Side of his head “I’ll stop...I’ll stop”

-tylar- -after Felix calms down- Felix sits in the kitchen with a cup of water I stare at the tab of pills on the counter”you don’t have to stop taking them” he mumbles “no... you were right ” I grab them and pop them all into a cup

I walk to the sink and pour them into the drain and turn on the garbage disposal after it’s done I pour water into it and turn it off I turn to Felix and he watches in disbelief

I walk to him and put my hands on either side of his face “I love you Felix” I say quietly in a whisper and kiss him


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