Almost Gone//Part 3 ADDED//
Almost  Gone//Part 3 ADDED// dating-horror-stories stories

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first fanfiction lmao, part 2 here!

Almost Gone//Part 3 ADDED//

I was walking along and then I flew to the side, dirt all over my face, lying on the ground. A rushing pain flew through me. "Are you ok?" A voice said. "I'm fine, but what was that?" I asked. "A skeleton silly, you must be new," they said laughing. "I'm not new, I have been here since I was born!" I said, turning red. "Oh is that so?" he asked.

The guy had green eyes and blonde hair, and some mask above his hair. "I'm George", I said. "I'm Dream," he said with a smile. "WATCH OUT" Dream yelled. I turned and ran behind him. What was that? I couldn't get a better view. "I killed it" Dream said. "What was that?" I asked. "Bunch of endermen and skeletons," he said, sweating. "Dang," I said awkwardly.

Days passed and we became great friends. Then one day everything happened. We were walking by a ravine, just talking then, he bumped into me as a joke. But then, I fell. Down the ravine was lava and stone, no way to survive. "GEORGE" Dream yelled. "HELP" I screamed in terror.

next part soon 🤪✌ part 2 is here 🤗

Dream ran off to try and get help, while that happened here's what I went through. I was falling, screaming, because there was no way to survive. But then I noticed, I didn't... die?.. What? "DREAM?" I yelled. "Did he just leave? What is WRONG with him?" I thought, in pure anger. I ran off and climb up that ravine almost dying around 12 times?...

Dream was running to get help and when he got back I was gone. "GEORGE???" Dream yelled fear in his voice. Then I noticed him sitting on the edge of the ravine yelling. "What are you doing?" I said annoyed. "GEORGE!" he yelled. "What" I rolled my eyes. "Are you mad at me?" Dream asked. "Yes! You left me to get out myself! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

"I went to get help..." he said. "Sure, sure." I walked off annoyed and hurt.


Im lazy af rn so it might be trash

"I can't believe you left me to get out myself! You are the most selfish person I know" I said annoyed. "I went to get help! I swear" Dream said. "Don't lie, you already messed up" "I'm not lying..." he said sadly. "Just leave me alone" I said.

"Was he telling the truth? He was probably lying... I think..." I wondered.

"I should talk to Bad, he is probably the most positive one here..." "Hey Bad, can we talk?" I asked. "Sure!" he replied

part 4 soon ✌

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