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Hello, I'm a rookie writer, this is one of my first poems check it out!

I'll let you discover the meaning when you read it ^_^

By: FreeckyCake

'' Cold Psychic War ''

by FreeckyCake

I hope that you like it

He killed another one with a single bullet

A bullet of words shot with the speed of light

The person fell dead, not physically but, emotionally

Drawn into the abyss of confusion, drawn into fatal ambiguity

A shriek calling for hope, a scream calling for help

The white phantom has already cut all paths leading to escape

Pointing his gun toward the victim, he made another one fall.

Haven's nightmare has begun, everyone is falling from the waterfall.

Invisible, untouched, invincible.

The survivors thought they have finally found a way to push him away from killing more beings

However, they only ended up having his attention, increasing his hunger for killing the ones opposing him.

Reloading a bullet after another, he aims.

He shoots, he kills

Their blood turned into crimson after it fell on the snow

Sorrow smiling all over the place, the show is over for now.

They knew that staying positive wouldn't do them anything

They knew that they had already lost the cold psychic war from the beginning.

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