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The worst kind of loop hole.

Loop Hole

"Why do you stay with him??" Eyes filled with tears begged for an answer that could be justified logically "he hits you"

"Oh darling, that's just it. Don't you see?" Said the laugh that lacked humor. "I promised someone near to me long ago that I wouldn't kill or hurt myself.

They fell out of touch, but a promise is a promise as they say. So I found a loophole. It's true. I loved him once upon a lifetime ago. But now he's just my loophole.

I know he gets violent when drunk, or angry. I just need to reach a day where he's drunk enough and I'll make him snap."

Her words bounced off the walls in the room like an everlasting echo as a tear crept down his cheek.

Sliding quickly from his eye, down the edge of his jaw pooling at the tip of his chin til finally falling onto the floor. They stood in silence for a moment after that.

"You're not allowed to do that" he finally broke the empty to say. "You're not allowed to use someone like that, finding loopholes in a promise"

"I'm not breaking a promise. I promised to no hurting myself. And frankly I'm not."

"Yes you are!" He screamed back. "By staying with him you are hurting yourself. But that's not all. You're hurting us too." He refused to admit it to her, but by us, he meant him.

His voice broke at the end. The tears only then becoming notable to her.

"Okay" She whispered. "You're right. I guess, if I'm going to break a promise, I should actally break it, right? Not like anyone would miss me anyway.

" She slammed  a picture frame that hung on the wall into the ground. The glass shattering instantly.

Picking a piece up as the blood from her hand dripped onto the floor she thrust the piece into her stomach. He couldn't believe what was  before his eyes. She way dying.

He rushed to her side calling an ambulance. Taking note of the slight smile that had made its way onto her face, as she was oblivious of the tears falling from his to hers.

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