Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @umhiyea Part 7
Abnormal Activities 

Collaboration with @umhiyea

Part 7 horror stories

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Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @umhiyea Part 7

Chapter 7

Drew’s POV “Are you sure we got everyone?” I ask Kat. “No. Why don’t you check?” I spread apart from the others and count them all. Then, I count myself. Yep, 9 people. But Lilith is getting farther and farther away from the others. I quickly join them. Just when I get to them, Kat shouts to us, “We’re all hungry right now! Why don’t we raid the convenience store?”

We get to the store and raid it. Luna leaves a couple dollar bills on the cashier table. We leave the store and go back to the building to plot this...killer situation out. I ask Kat again, “Can I check if we lost any more people?” Kat nodded briskly. I spread apart from them and count (including myself.). “8...?” I said under my breath. Naomi,Kai,Micheal,Kat,Rory, Luna, me?

What about Lilith?I dash to them and say, “Lilith is gone!”

Lilith’s POV Yup, I’m definitely surrounded. I hear one of the killer ask another, “Is this the cat girl?” The other hissed, “You mean Kat, not cat. And, this is not her.” I realized that the one that was answering the other’s question was the one who chased Drew and Kat. I shrug and say,

“You can kill me. I’m not useful. I’m just the bait of the group or something. I only play games and listen to music.” The leader of the killers nodded, and after moments of continuous nodding, he finally says, “We’ll let you go. You won’t stand in the way to Kat.” “Thank you,” I dipped my head and put back on my headphones and listened to some music. I could hear footsteps behind me. I whipped my head to face them and reply,

“If you’re thinking I’ll go back to the others, you’re wrong. I don’t even know where they are!” They stop following me and turn around to go the other way. I truly don’t know where they are, so I text Luna. She replied instantly, telling me where they are. I text, “Okay. Meet you there.” and marched quietly to their destination, food rolling in my hoodie pocket.

When I see them again, I race to the blacksmithing store, where they camp. I realize that it was another blacksmithing store.

“Guys, I think we should move to a non broken house. The killers might attack this very building, so we could move to a non broken house, non broken anything. Just not blacksmithing places.” “...maybe.” Kat murmurs.

“Well, we have to stretch our legs so we can run faster than them killers, so why not go jogging outside?” Luna bounces up and says, “Yeah, but what if we get caught? And also, I’m wearing a skirt, and I’m so not getting it dirty from running.” Kat facepalms and says something to her self like “Are you kidding me right now?” She turned herself to Luna and comments,

“Then we would be stretching and seeing if we could beat them in running!”

Luna sighs. “Fine.” We all head out for a nice walk until Rory says, “Stop. I hear something. In the bushes, listen.” We all listen. Luna whispers, “H-hello? Is a-anyone h-here?” And then a whole group of killer springs out of the bushes and chases us. Luna screams and runs away, others screaming with her. I crouched and covered my ears, knowing the killers won’t kill me because I’m useless. I was right.

In fact, while they all just jumped over me. I sighed. When will this chasing mess end?


~Kim Read the next chapter on @umhiyea’s account!

~Kim Read the next chapter on @umhiyea’s account! See you next time!

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