My Heart Sings Solo
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I wish I could conduct a duet within my chest and allow my heart some company.

My Heart Sings Solo

Sometimes I wonder if my heart gets lonely.

Most of my other organs and body parts come in pairs;

two lungs, two kidneys, two arms, two legs etc.

But I was only gifted with one heart.

Is it because my heart is too big and therefore there is no space for two?

This idea comforts me.

But maybe it is because the pair to my heart is not found within me,

but is instead found within another.

Maybe this is why I can speak to my heart in ways I cannot with any other organ.

My heart will cry out to me with deep breaths and sighs and will shriek for companionship.

I feel it is my duty to fulfil it's desires.

So I do my best to find a compatible heart to befriend mine.

However, I have only seemed to hurt the poor thing through this tedious process.

I wish I could tell my heart that I am sorry for the pain I have caused,

I am sorry for the ache that you felt when your first love ripped you in two.

I really wish I could comfort my heart the way it comforts my mind when it gets lonely.

And yet,

it still remains within my chest,

beating a melancholy tune

dreaming about a second rhythm it could dance to,

while continuing it's own beat alone.

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