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foxes_are_great A happy start for a sad poet
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I don't have the words like you...

You don't know

I say it a lot,

I know it's probably lost meaning...

But you don't know...

You don't understand...

How much I love you.

When I was thrown away,

You scooped me up.

You saw a scared little teenager,

And decided to keep me,

Raise me with as much love as you had to give.

When the therapist said I needed a pet,

You found my two four legged friends,

And rescued little Casey in a heartbeat.

When the world collapsed,

You were there.

You're always there for me.

Every morning,

I can count on you to text me good morning.

I don't know how to use words like you do.

I can't find words to tell you this.

But when I say I love you,

You better believe I mean it.

I love you, Dad.

Due to health issues, my schedule will be shaky for a while. Hopefully I'll be better soon, and we can back on track! Bye.

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