Both or Nothing: Ch:2 Ep:5
Both or Nothing: 
Ch:2 Ep:5 dragons stories

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Both or Nothing
Chapter 2: Episode 5
(Episodes are a total number, not chapter specific)

Both or Nothing: Ch:2 Ep:5

My skin tingles as I stretch in bed.

Kalon passed out in front of the furnace, his forehead creased.

I stand up, heading to my sleeping friend.

The cold boards are like snow against my feet as Kalon draws closer.

 I reach for his shoulder, and he mumbles quietly.

I freeze, admiring his messy blond hair and peaceful expression.

His eyes pop open, glazed with sleep.

“What are you doing?”

I blush and step back, rolling my lips into my mouth. 

I mutter, glancing past him to the quivering eggs, “I wanted you to check the eggs. Something’s bothering them.”

Kalons’ eyes widen in interest and he tips his head. 

He whispers, standing, “You can sense them?”

I nod, taking a step back. His grin widens.

His hands snap around my waist and I’m spun through the air.

He sets me on my feet, pulling me close.

He chants, breathing hard, “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to hear that.”

I ask, face crushed against his chest, “What does that mean?”

He laughs, ruffling my hair, “They’re gonna hatch soon, Lemmy! Today or the next for sure!”

He grabs his coat, leaving me standing beside the furnace.

He exclaims, grabbing my hand and tugging me towards the door, “What a beautiful day for a carnival!”

I rush after Kalon, whose hand is locked onto mine.

He mutters, speeding up, “I hope we aren’t too late.”

I cringe as a vendor cuts me with his voice.

Every semester, the Riders come and put on a little show for the surrounding towns.

We usually can’t afford admission, so we sneak onto the roof to watch, but this year we had a good pile of coins saved up.

A man nearly pushes me over. Kalon snaps at him, tugging me through the crowds.

Another man slams into me, making me cry out. 

He growls, grabbing me and lifting me off the ground, “What the hell are you doing, you stupid…”

Kalon appears in a flash, waiting for a moment to strike. “I otta give ye a lesson in manners.”

Sorry for the filler, the next ones are more intense! It all has a reason for being in the story... 🦊

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