there once was a black and white world
there once was a black and white world love2016 stories

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there once was a black and white world

by foxcri

there once was a black and white world

and only those who fell in love with their soulmates were able to see colour.

a girl came back from work

and went to pick up her dog from her best friend's place, a boy.

the boy heard a knock on the door

and opened it to his best friend, only to see that her eyes were not a greyish colour. they were a pretty shade of brown. hazel.

he glanced back inside

at the single rose in a vase behind him, and it was a deep red.

the girl was shocked to look up

and see the boy's clear, dark blue eyes, blinking in confusion down at her.

she looked down to see her dog

sitting obediently beside him. her fur a mix of black, white, and brown.

many years later

the girl was making waffles in their kitchen.

the boy sleepily walked down the stairs

and the girl tossed him a waffle. she told him to get ready for his meeting.

after the boy got dressed, he walked over to the girl

and gave her a kiss. the girl looked up at him.

"I love you."

the boy smiled. "I love you, too."

the boy walked outside.

the girl hears multiple gunshots moments after.

the girl's vision suddenly turns black and white again.

she grows numb and sinks to her knees.

she utters one heartbroken word.


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