My Dream Girl ( 1 out of 2)
My Dream Girl ( 1 out of 2) fiction stories

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In my dreams exists a stranger. A man who watches me from far away with a sad smile on his face. He doesn't talk nor does he approaches me. He just... stands there. He first appeared in my dreams a few months ago.

My Dream Girl ( 1 out of 2)

In my dreams exists a stranger. A man who watches me from far away with a sad smile on his face. He doesn't talk nor does he approaches me. He just... stands there.

He first appeared in my dreams a few months ago.

Back then I was going through a terrible breakup and was hurting really bad so when I noticed his continuous appearance in my dreams I just chalked it up to ''mental stress''

and '' anxiety '' but then he continued to show up. Night after night he stood there with the same sad smile on his face.

I tried talking about this with my family and friends but they all assured me it was just due to stress and that I shouldn't worry about it.

Eventually, I decided to go to a psychiatrist and tell him about the strange man, he talked to me for a bit and prescribed me a few meds but those did nothing to help.

So today I decided to attempt something I been too scared to try. Today I'm gonna try to have a lucid dream and talk to the strange man.

In the past, I purposely induced lucid dreams all the time so this shouldn't be too difficult.

After brushing my teeth, I laid in bed and closed my eyes and after about 20 minutes I could feel my eyelids getting heavy. I'm going to fall asleep very soon.

I took a deep breath and started repeating to myself '' I'm gonna have a lucid dream '', '' I shall be in control'',

''What I'm going to witness is no reality but a world of dreams '' I repeated this over and over again ...

I quickly opened my eyes, I was laying in the middle of a big yard. I looked around me and instantly recognized my surroundings. I was in front of my parent's house.

What was I doing here again?

But while I was deep in thought one of my parent's neighbors walked by waving his hand, I waved back at him and stood on my feet.

All right, I guess I should go see my parents since I'm here. I started walking toward the house when I noticed something was odd with the way I walked. '' Did I always move this slowly? ''

I continued walking and entered the house. Inside I saw my mother sitting on the couch and conversing with one of my relatives. The moment she saw me she smiled and said:

'' Karolina! Honey, can you get me a pen from the kitchen? ''

'' The kitchen? '' I quickly replied, something about this felt odd.

'' Yes, where else would you find a pen? '' Mom replied with a smile.

'' R-Right ...Of course the kitchen '' I said as I started walking toward the kitchen but before I could reach my destination, a mirror on the wall caught my attention.

I stared back at the mirror checking my reflection, something was odd. Something was very odd.

For some reason, I felt the urge to touch my cheeks.

I lifted my arms but the moment I tried to make contact with my soft cheeks my fingers penetrated right through them as if they were mere butter.

No, no, no...This doesn't make sense. My fingers should not be able to do such a thing.

This .....This isn't real.

The moment I said that to myself a sudden realization hit me.

Wait...This...This is a dream. I'm just dreaming. This isn't real at all.

The second I said that to myself, everything ran through my mind. I remembered the reason I'm here, the reason I induced this lucid dream.

'' The strange man '' I looked around me trying to spot the person I came here for.

But he was nowhere around. He often always watched me from somewhere close.

Maybe it's because I'm at my parent's house. Maybe he doesn't or can't enter other people's homes.

'' Ha, how courteous of him. He doesn't want to enter people's homes but has no problem invading other's dreams '' I said to myself as I started heading to the door.

But before I could pull the handle a sudden knocking on the door echoed into my ears.

'' A visitor? '' I pulled the handle and opened the door.

2 unfamiliar policemen greeted my eyes.

'' Miss Karolina Porze? '' one of the officers spoke with a hint of sadness in his words.

'' Yes? '' I quickly replied looking back at the officer with confused eyes.

'' I'm afraid you will have to come with us Miss Porze '' the officer spoke as he started cuffing my hands.

'' What? What are you doing? '' I quickly replied as I tried to shake him off.

'' We found a dead body under your parent's house. You are under arrest for murder '' the second officer spoke with a serious look on his face.

''W-What? A corpse? Wait, wait, and no I'm innocent. I didn't do anything '' I yelled out as I tried to shake off the officers. What the hell is going on? I'm fully conscious of this dream.

I should be able to control it however I want so why can't I shake off these fake dream policemen.

I was dragged to their car and taken to the police station. I tried to talk reason with the policemen but they refused to say a word.

It's almost like the person who programmed this dream didn't give them additional lines. (Sigh) What a hopeless comparison.

Before I could make sense of anything, the officers threw me in a prison cell and left.

I sat on the floor and lowered my head in despair.

'' I don't have time for this shit. I'm gonna wake up any second now. I need to find the strange man ''

But before I can finish my line of thought. A sudden presence caught my attention.

Across the room, a man wearing all black stood there looking at me with the usual sad smile on his face. It's him. It's fucking him.

I gathered all of my courage, parted my lips, and spoke:

''H-Hey .....Uh...H-How are you?''

Uhhhhhhh, what the hell am I saying? '' How are you? '' Really? Is this the best thing I can think of? Damn it, Karolina. Get it together.

But while I was beating myself for being my weird self. The strange man started walking closer to me

W-W-W-What's going on? He's coming here .....He's coming here.

My heartbeat started accelerating, my breathing became rapid and irregular.

H-He can't harm me, right? I can't get hurt in a dream, right?

O-okay...okay calm down Karolina ....Calm down.

The strange man continued walking closer until he was right in front of my cell. The only thing separating us was these prison bars.

He stared me up and down for a second but then the unimaginable happened .....H-He ....He spoke:

''You're conscious in this dream, aren't you? ''

''........................'' his words completely paralyzed me. This was the opportunity I was hoping for. The reason I was even here for but I.....I couldn't say anything back to him.

I just started at him with my eyes completely wide.

'' I will take that as yes '' the strange man spoke as he gave me a slight smile.

He then came closer to the officer watching over the holding cells and casually took the keys from his belt. For some reason, the guard didn't even flinch as if he didn't notice anything at all.

'' Let's get you out of here '' the strange man spoke as he used the guard's keys to unlock my holding cells.

''But.....But...? '' I finally managed to utter a few words. Well, I managed to utter one word.

'' Don't worry about him, the guard won't try to stop us. Come on, get up '' the strange man replied as he offered me his hand with a big smile on his face.

Hundreds of emotions were running through my head at that moment but somehow I found myself reaching for his hand and following him as we left the police station.

''W-What's going on? '' I finally managed to speak my first complete phrase the moment we exited the station.

'' You're in a dream. Well I'm sure you already know this but it seems your dream has turned into a nightmare all of a sudden '' the strange man spoke as he stretched his legs.

''Huh? How? '' I quickly replied facing the odd man doing stretches.

'' Maybe you had something bad for dinner, maybe your under stress. I don't know how nightmares work '' the strange spoke as he shook his head in confusion.

''No, I mean how do you know all of this. How do you know this is just a dream? How come you are self-aware? '' I quickly asked the important question in my mind.

'' It's your dream, you tell me Karolina '' the strange man said as he turned around. Because he did I wasn't able to see the expression on his face.

'' How do you know my name? ''

'' There is no time for that. We need to wake you up from this nightmare. Follow me Karoo '' the strange man spoke as he grabbed me from my hand and started walking.

'' W-Wait ....No, I can't wake up yet. I want to know. I wanna know why you are present in all of my dreams.

Why do you keep watching me from far away? Who are you? '' I spoke as I fixated my feet on the ground.

"You're stubborn as ever Karolina. Didn't you notice that all of your lines are questions? My identity doesn't matter nor does my motivation.

If you don't wake up very soon something terrible could happen. This is what matters. So please, I beg of you.

Follow me '' the strange man spoke, his usual sad smile was once again plastered on his face.

Perhaps I was persuaded by his serious tone of voice or perhaps I couldn't shake off the feeling of intimacy and closeness I felt toward him since the very first time I saw him in

my dreams ....the reason doesn't matter for I eventually chose to walk behind him.

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