Karoo ( 1 out of 3)
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28 January 1945: The Battle of the Bulge ends -The German Army is on retreat into Germany itself. 13 February 1945: The bombing raids on the German city of Dresden start. Many thousands of civilian lives would be lost in the firestorm created by 1,300 Allied bombers.

Karoo ( 1 out of 3)

28 January 1945: The Battle of the Bulge ends -The German Army is on retreat into Germany itself.

13 February 1945: The bombing raids on the German city of Dresden start. Many thousands of civilian lives would be lost in the firestorm created by 1,300 Allied bombers.

1 April 1945: American troops take Okinawa - the last island held by the Japanese.

13 April 1945: Russian forces capture Vienna.

22 April 1945: The Fuhrer decides to remain in Berlin 'until the very end.

26 April 1945: A man was arrested and taken to an undisclosed location in western Germany.

I was seated on a wooden chair in a dark room surrounded by Military police personnel.

No matter how much I asked them, the soldiers refused to reply, and when I tried to leave A soldier smacked me in the face with his rifle.

Fucking Americans, when I was useful to them I was treated as a valuable asset but now that the allies are moments away from victory, my life no longer has meaning.

So much for receiving a medal. I will be lucky to leave this room alive.

I let out a small chuckle as I wiped the blood from my face but right that moment the door to the dark room suddenly opened and a tall man appeared.

He was wearing a distinctive military uniform far different from any uniform I've seen. '' A high ranking officer perhaps? ''

The moment the soldiers noticed him they stood straight and gave him a proper military salute then quickly left the room. '' A big shot, huh? ''

The tall man sat on the chair in front of me. smiled and said :

'' It's good to finally meet you, young man. My name is Colonel Evans '' The moment he uttered these words I quickly noticed he had a slight British accent that was almost undetectable.

'' What does a Colonel of the military wants from someone like me? '' I spoke as I addressed the tall man.

'' Straight to the point I see, I love it. Then please allow me to introduce you to someone '' the tall man spoke as he stood up and opened the door and from behind it, a woman appeared.

'' This is Major '' Karolina Porze '' The tall man spoke with a smile. I lifted my eyes to stare at the woman in front of me. She had long blond hair and piercing blue eyes....

her skin was silky smooth as if she never had a blemish her whole life. She looked simply incredible.

Wait, This woman is a soldier? This doesn't make sense. I've heard of female snipers in the Russian army but never have I heard of a female soldier on the American or British side.

The woman looked at me with a cold stare as she stood next to the tall man in an upright proper military position.

'' The reason you're here young man is that we need your help with a very delicate matter '' The tall man spoke as he sat back on his chair.

'' My help? I was told the military no longer request my services.

The war is nearly over after all '' I quickly replied, this is getting more sketchy by the second but if they need my help with something then that means I'm not here to be executed.

'' That's true, as we speak right now our forces are preparing to storm ''Berlin ''. The final stronghold of the enemy.

Even the enemy knows this but there is one final matter that needs to be taken care of'' The tall man added, this time a serious look appeared on his face.

''......'' I decided to remain silent and wait for the colonel to finish his words.

" We need you to assist Major Porze with infiltrating ''Berlin'' undetected. This is the mission we request of you '' The tall man spoke as he locked eyes with me.

''Infiltrate Berlin? What? '' I quickly yelled out as I stood from the chair. What is he talking about?

'' We're well aware of your ''particular set of skills'' and we want to make use of that to get Major Porze inside Berlin as quietly as possible " The tall man explained.

''Particular set of skills? That's a fancy way to describe a '' weapon Smuggler '' The moment I said that, the female soldier flinched for a second. I see, so she wasn't told of my profession.

''Whatever you want to call it young man.

The point is you have both experience and the ability to smuggle things under the enemy's watchful eye and we need that skill of yours '' The tall man replied.

'' I smuggle weapons ''things''not people ''

'' The nature of the merchandise doesn't matter.

You know all of the secret and unsupervised routes inside Berlin and we want you to use that expertise to get Major Porze inside '' The tall man added.

'' Why? Why are you so persistent about sending a single soldier inside a city you're probably a few days away from capturing.

Why is this so important to you? '' I spoke as switch my gaze between the tall man and the female soldier and awaited an answer from the colonel.

'' That's classified military information. You have no right to know of such things '' Smuggler '' Surprisingly it was the female soldier who answered my question this time.

A cold stare decorated her face.

The point of view of Major ''Karolina Porze''

I didn't want to say anything at first but this is getting absurd.

I understand we need help to get into the city but requesting the services of a "smuggler" with such an important mission....this...

this doesn't feel right to me so I intervened but Colonel Evans just smiled and said :

" It's okay major if we expect this young man to do his very best then it's natural he know what's at stake here "

" Colonel ... !! "

" Listen close young man...what I'm going to tell you should not leave this room. The object of this mission is to capture a certain man...

A man you know by the name of "Adolf Hitler" The moment the captain spoke this name ....the smuggler stood on his feet and yelled :

"WHAT ??? "

"Lower your voice young man. I understand why you would be surprised but we only expect you to smuggle Major Porze inside Berlin.

The real mission will be carried out by her alone" The colonel explained as he patted my shoulder.

" I...I don't understand. the army is a few days away from invading Berlin and capturing Hitler themselves.

What's even is the point of this infiltration mission " The smuggler spoke with a look of confusion in his eyes.

" We have received inside reports that leads us to believe that capturing Hitler might not be possible " the Colonel replied.

" Huh ? "

" The reports suggest that Hitler is planning to commit suicide should Berlin falls in the head of the allies " The colonel added...

wait how much confidential information is the colonel planning to disclose to this civilian...this smuggler.

" Suicide? But....but so what? As long as Hitler is off the picture the war will be over. The allies will win " The smuggler spoke as he scratched his head.

" That might be so but we can not allow this to happen. Hitler should stand trial for his crimes...for all the pain and suffering he caused.

We can not allow him to take the easy way out " The colonel spoke passionately as he tightened his fists but for some reason, the smuggler didn't appear to be touched by his words.

I guess a person like him can't understand the importance of this mission.

" Will you accept this mission young man ? " the colonel added as he reached for a handshake.

" Do I even have a choice? If I refuse I will be executed to prevent this information from getting out. This is why you're telling me all of this, to trap me...

to not allow me to have any other choice but to say " Yes" The smuggler spoke as he locked eyes with the colonel. Could what he's saying be true ? No this can't be.

The colonel could never do such a thing.

I turned my head to face the colonel just to be greeted by a sinister grin on his face. A look that screamed manipulation and ego...

The look of a hunter who finally managed to corner its prey....It...It was a disgusting

The point of view of the smuggler

After leaving the darkroom ....the army handed me my gun back and few supplies. The army was also kind enough to transport me alongside my new female friend to the city limits of Berlin.

How gracious of them.

I jumped out of the military jeep and started looking around. The only person in sight was the female soldier who changed from her military uniform to a white dress. She looked very stunning.

Perhaps she noticed me staring for she looked at me and spoke :

" I can't exactly show up in Berlin with a military uniform, can I ? "

" I didn't say anything. I was just simply admiring your beauty " I replied with a smile

" Keep your observations to yourself ...We don't have time to mess around.

The female soldier addressed me with harsh cold words but just like her I wanted this mission to end as soon as possible so I started walking down the road

After a few hours of hiking across the german side, we had arrived at our destination.

" Alright, my lady ....now for the tricky part " I spoke with a wide grin on my face as I pointed to a large pipe in front of me.

" What? What are you pointing at ? " the female soldier spoke in confusion.

" The easiest and most secured route inside Berlin is through this abandoned sewage pipe "

" What? Are you completely mad? You're suggesting I crawl through that dirty muddy pipe? You can't be serious " the female replied in disgust.

" The smuggling business is a dirty business. Sometimes that can be quite literal " I replied as I grinned back at the girl in the white summer dress.

But before I could say another word. The female soldier tore up the edges of her dress and started crawling through the pipe.

I'm impressed ....She's really quite something ...Isn't she?

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