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A bet.

My Rose

I remember the bet,

For how we first met,

I held a rose out to you,

Full of Innocence, you accept.


My emotions arose,

And so after school,

Under the setting sun,

We kissed,

Bashful, shy, full of awkwardness.


We chuckled, teased,

Played the night,

Time didn't give us a fright.


We spent our days,

With dreamy air,

Holding hands,

Through street fairs,

A fantasy we both had,

As both youths

As both youths with strict dads.


Daydreams fade

Daydreams fade Under setting sun,

I knew this would

I knew this would Happen one day.


Beans were spilled.

Wishes spoiled,

Hands locked tight,

Turns Grief - Anger -

Into Fists.

Yet your eyes show it all:

You have lost your soul.

I can't bear the sight,

Yet I don't have any right,

To prove that I am not,

Guilty - A puppet on strings.


Five days later,

You came back,

A sleeping beauty,

In a casket you rest.


Why, your face is my rose,

In Ice it froze,


My fingers stroked your face,

Under the setting sun,

Yet the shadow spun like a razor,

A coil of thorns.




I Have Lost.

Against Them.


Against Me.


Against Myself.


Against I.

Against I..

Against I...

Love you.

Love you-I really do.

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