#Life Is A Meme ... Pls Ignore. Or Not.
#Life Is A Meme ... Pls Ignore. 

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A little bit of my life...

#Life Is A Meme ... Pls Ignore. Or Not.

So this morning, my brother had trouble with his twist-in window....

(btw, he lives on the third floor)

And caught into his troubles, I kinda tried to help.

As we are experimenting by pushing and pulling and removing screws, I was saying:

"imagine (a lot of stuff i thought of) falling"

"this is SO safe"

"there is a dead spider that covered in cobwebs fluttering on your window sill"

"imagine having to get something back from all the way down there"


"look, there's plants growing in the gutter"

(Yesh, the reason I talked so much TOTALLY wasn't bc I'm scared of heights ;-;)

With and aggravated face, he replied: "Shut the F* up"

... But then a moment later ....

He drops a nail right into the gutter.

Then he turned to me and said: "Hey Oscar, hold my legs."

At this I got confused, as I from my thoughts before, he sure can't be going for the gutter.

So I grabbed my computer (since what am I supposed to do when he was going to take up the whole window?) and laid on his legs, but after some odd looks, I held to one.

To that he said: "Hey, my friend used his whole body but couldn't keep up right"

Which made me more confused.

I replied: "it's fine, I won't drop you"

"You sure? Okay."

After giving me another odd look,

he suddenly lurched forward and bent the entire upper half of his body out the window to reach down towards the gutter -- which forced me to hold both his legs just in case.

Afterall, we are on the third floor as I've mentioned before, and the side of the house to the gutter was a only a foot wide, and steep.

It would be one nasty fall...

-----To One Concerned Friend Who Thought I Dropped Him-----

"LMAO! If I dropped him, I would be MORE SCREWED than that NAIL and SCREW DRIVER that caused this to happen in the first place (from house to the gutter/ledge was like only one foot apart)"

-----(That Was The Copied)-----

After stretching around for a while, he said:

"aw, com'on, I can't reach it...

"it's a hand length away...

"I may be able to touch it with a chopstick...

"Wait... I do have chopsticks on my desk. Can you pass one to me?"

So I grabbed ONE and passed it over.

(totally not being stupid, muddleheaded, and straight up literal)

Anyways, after giving him A PAIR and lowering him a bit more out the window, he finally got it, and I aided him in slowly getting up.

And the first thing he uttered when he got back inside and relaxed was:

"Ayye, benefits of being Asian"

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