A Goldfish In My Well
A Goldfish In My Well goldfish stories

forsakenwell 忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好啊
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Well, it's the title.

A Goldfish In My Well

I wonder why you are here,

In my god forsaken well. (haha.)


Don't you feel suffocated?

Are you not feeling tainted?


You are so rare outside here,

A perfect gem to the eye,


you belong to gentle streams,

swimming lively and golden.


Why are you not turning back?

Descending to churn my thoughts?

Dare brushing up so much silt?

Isn't this Intolerable?


All that silt I've been given,

Was wasted on my stone past,


Digging them up would not have,

Any meaning - There's no hope


My future maybe dicey,

But I don't need your fortune.


I do not believe in fate,

I do not believe in gods,

I didn't experience love,

So you can only see dusk.

Here has no light to reach for.


Do you not feel alone here?

Mind sodden, trapped in the depth,

of my thoughts piled high?


Oh, wait.


Forgot. You aren't a carp,

Free, wild, brave - a strong willed lass,

You're a goldfish, worth's in gold,

Beautifully encased in.

Glass. until you have grown old.

Without a dear kin to hold.

Maybe singing like a harp,

Yet age has long betrayed you.

Eyes used to stare at you, sharp,

Yet can't spar with a cutlass.


Maybe falling down from light,

And creating your own dawn.

In my lone well is the best.


Place for you to take a rest.

No need to drift in current,

Just stay is perfectly fine,

Until you're ready to leave.

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