Shadow Girls
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forgetmeForget me... its safer.
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Shadow Girls

by forgetme

Pretty girls are skinny girls.

And Skinny Girls eat nothing.

So darling put that food away.

If you eat it you are nothing.

A shadow of who you could be.

Just skip one more meal,

And then you'll see.

Skip one more meal.

But you won't be thanking me.

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forgetmeForget me... its safer.
4 months ago

forgetmeForget me... its safer.
3 months ago
Don't make a promise that you can't keep.

forgetmeForget me... its safer.
4 months ago
All I ever wanted was to be perfect.

4 months agoReply
I would rather not forget you forgetme shape hight colour or race will never determine true love we may lust for a look but we love for your heart mind soul personality of a person irrespective of any physical looks why is it you see so many people who are not what we consider physical attractive hopelessly in love and happy