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Oh, my love...

My love

by foreverwriting

Oh, my love, why can't you see what I see? Like the light that refracts in your eyes. A color as warm as liquid caramel And as deep as the most hidden lakes.

Or the wind that plays with your hair Like a lover wanting to bury his hands in it. It is as soft as the exotic fabric we always admire When strolling through the empty shopping streets .

Oh, my love, why can't you understand that there is so much more that counts than just a pretty face?

Like your soul as golden as the special hour When the day slowly comes to an end.

Or the kindness that surrounds you like A glistening cape with every step that you take.

Oh, my love, why can't you see that I could write poem after poem about you just by closing my eyes and thinking about you.

About you and your multi-faceted self. The good and not so good. The black and the white inside your soul.

About the memories that we shared. The dozens and dozens of photos we took. Blurry or sharp as a blade. It does not matter. None of it does.

Oh, my love, because the only thing that matters Is you.

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