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foreverwriting 24 | Germany | Writer | Overthinker |
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Thoughts at midnight.

5 minutes

by foreverwriting

It's 2:31am And the only thing I can hear is the sound of my aching heart. It's a silent lament , unheard by the ones I love.

It's 2:32 am And the only thing I can see is the darkness. It surrounds me like an enemy and makes me look weak.

It's 2:33am And the only thing I can feel is the blanket, crumpled inside my fist. It's an anchor that prevents me from drifting away.

It's 2:34am And the only thing I can taste is the taste of pain on my tongue. It's metallic and disgusting and it makes me gag.

It's 2:35am And the only thing I can think about is sleep. A deep, restful peace that makes me feel strong again.

It's 2:36am And the only thing that makes me hope is the thought, that I can survive horrible 5 minutes. Again and again.

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