What's A Little Rescue Between Friends? Part 2/3
What's A Little Rescue Between Friends?
Part 2/3 felicity stories

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Oops, sorry I took too long to post this. Life, ugh!

Part 2 - When Felicity feels left out from the Team, she gets a hit on The Clock King and decides to take matters into her own hands.

What's A Little Rescue Between Friends? Part 2/3

Felicity was terrified as she sat facing the Clock King pacing in front of her. She had woken not long ago to find herself with her hands and feet loosely tied to a chair.

The restraints were loose enough so they weren't hurting her, but not loose enough to allow her to get free.

Thankfully he hadn't gagged her so there was no obstruction to her breathing but she struggled to take in air normally since she was trying not to let the madman see her distress.

She was scared for a number of reasons. One – obviously – was that she had been taken and now sat imprisoned on this chair.

She had no idea what the Clock King had planned for her but she knew that whatever it was couldn't be good.

Two – no one had any idea where she was. She had feared their reactions so hadn't told anyone her plans. No one had any idea where she was.

Three – none of the Team would be going back to the foundry tonight because they were all busy doing something non-Arrow related.

Which meant that no one would be looking for her; no one would even know that she was missing.

Felicity felt herself gasping for breath as these realisations crashed over her. She was doomed! The Clock King could do whatever he wanted and no one would be any the wiser.

Felicity was startled out of these thoughts as she heard the familiar ringtone echo in the empty space. Someone was calling her.

Felicity smiled. Yes, this was good. Surely when she didn't answer whoever it was would realise that something was wrong.

The Clock King went over to where her purse was, but he wasn't quick enough and the ringing stopped while he was still a few steps away.

And the smile slowly fell as the phone remained silent. Why weren't they ringing back? Surely you rang someone a number of times to see if they would answer.

If the person just tried the once they might chalk up the non-answer to some innocuous reason. Like being in the shower. They would have no idea that she was in trouble.

Felicity started to withdraw into hopelessness again, when the phone started ringing for a second time.

This time, since he was closer, the Clock King managed to get to the phone before it stopped ringing. As he picked it up, he looked at the display.

"Blocked. Interesting." He mused as he answered the phone.

Felicity could only hear one side of the conversation. But from what the Clock King was saying, and his changing facial expressions,

She could tell the person on the other hand was a) issuing a threat and b) was in the lair so they knew where she was.

"Uh oh." The Clock King sighed as he hung up the phone. "Someone's not happy." Felicity remained silent as the Clock King put her phone down and approached her.

"He thinks he knows where we are. I doubt it, but just in case let's speed things up shall we?" The Clock King grinned at her as he pulled a small folded knife from his pocket.

Felicity swallowed hard. On the one hand, she knew that he was wrong and whoever had called did know where they were and were probably on their way to save her.

But on the other hand, she didn't like the look of the short knife in the Clock King's hand and she was worried that whoever was coming, would not be fast enough.

Felicity's fear grew as she felt the cold tip of the knife on her shoulder.

"Such lovely skin." The Clock King muttered as he dragged the knife between her shoulder and elbow. "Such a shame to mar it."

Before Felicity could digest what he said, he cut into her soft flesh drawing a ribbon of blood. Felicity gasped as she felt the pain of her skin opening as he sliced the knife down her arm.

The Clock King paused as he stared mesmerised at the red liquid oozing out of the wound. He shook his head as if to clear it, and moved the knife to her other arm.

Felicity was prepared this time when the knife entered her skin and sliced it open, identical to the wound the Clock King had inflicted on the first arm.

The Clock King frowned as he noticed that the second injury hadn't elicited the same response as the first.

"Ok, I'll try a new area then." He declared as he stabbed the knife down into Felicity's bare thigh since her skirt had ridden up when she was put into the chair.

This caused a scream to erupt from her throat and the Clock King appeared satisfied, plunging the dripping knife into the other thigh, not disappointed when Felicity screamed again.

Felicity felt light headed as the blood dripped out of her body. The Clock King must have known what he was doing since he didn't hit anything major which would have caused the blood to spurt out quickly.

Since the blood loss was only gradual, Felicity had no hopes that she would soon lose consciousness.

Felicity closed her eyes, trying to ignore the pain but they shot open when she felt the knife against her cheek. "Such a shame."

She heard him mutter again, but before the knife could cut her open an arrow flew over her head and imbedded itself into the wall behind them.

Shocked, the Clock King stepped away and placed himself behind Felicity, using her as a shield against the new threat.

Dig didn't waste any time as he stepped into the warehouse and saw the state that Felicity was in.

At first he had been relieved to see no tear tracks on her face, thinking it meant that she hadn't been hurt. But his relief disappeared when he noticed the long cuts and blood on her skin.

In seconds, he had raised the bow and let an arrow fly intending to get the Clock King away from her.

But through his rage, he couldn't aim properly and the arrow had gone off course, leaving the Clock King not further from Felicity, but closer. And now they were in a standoff.

Dig stood on one side of the warehouse, the bow drawn up with an arrow already positioned just waiting for the moment that he could release it and take down the Clock King,

while the Clock King had cut through Felicity's ties to pull her away from the chair and held her tightly against him and at knife point on the other side. Once again, Dig cursed Oliver.

While Dig was a pretty decent shot, he knew that he didn't have the accuracy that Oliver did and he couldn't risk it with Felicity so close. The Clock King must have sensed Dig's hesitancy.

"That's right. Lower the bow." The Clock King requested as he squeezed Felicity a bit closer to him, causing the knife to make a small scratch on her cheek.

Felicity tensed as she watched the archer slump in defeat and did as he was asked, lowering the bow to his side.

A sense of de ja vu rolled through her as she thought back to the night with the Count, and Oliver also putting the bow down. But she knew this time it was different.

Familiar with their outline, she knew that it was Dig across from her, not Oliver, and he didn't have the precision to pull off what Oliver had that night. This was not going to end well.

But no sooner had the depressing thought crossed her mind, the Clock King was pulled away from her.

She looked over to see the Clock King on the ground, hands up to shield himself from the onslaught of Roy's punches.

Dig immediately jumped forward to grab Felicity and pulled her away from the fight. "Are you ok?" Dig asked her, though he knew it was a stupid question.

From afar, Dig had been worried about her injuries but up close they looked a lot worse as some blood continued dribbling out.

Felicity nodded, but Dig grew more concerned as he felt Felicity lean against him since she couldn't seem to support her own weight.

He glanced over at Roy still pummelling the Clock King and since it didn't look like he needed to interfere anytime soon he picked up Felicity and took her to the car he had waiting out the back.

When he had her settled in the back seat and promised to be back shortly, he ran back into the warehouse. Roy was still at it, wildly throwing punches as the enhanced muscles in his arms flexed.

When Dig saw that the Clock King wasn't moving, he knew that Roy had done enough damage and they could leave the rest for the police to deal with.

He lowered the hood as he stepped towards Roy, making sure to call out his name several times so the young man would expect him.

Even with this precaution though, when Dig touched Roy's shoulder, the kid swung out blindly, narrowly missing a collision with Dig's stomach.

"John?" Roy was confused. When he had come into the warehouse and seen the Arrow, he had assumed it was Oliver. "Come on kid. Tie him up for the city's finest, and let's get out of here."

To Be Continued...

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