What's A Little Rescue Between Friends? Part 1/3
What's A Little Rescue Between Friends?
Part 1/3 felicity stories

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When Felicity feels left out from the Team, she gets a hit on The Clock King and decides to take matters into her own hands.

What's A Little Rescue Between Friends? Part 1/3

Felicity felt left out as she sat at her computers watching Dig, Oliver and Sara sitting around on the training mats swapping war stories.

It had been this way for the last couple of days – Felicity on the outside looking in while the three reminisced.

Rationally she understood the bond between them and it's not like she didn't want them to have that camaraderie.

They were her friends and after hearing what happened with them (albeit only the tiny bit that they divulged) she couldn't deny them this one thing that brought a smile to their faces.

But wanting this for them didn't stop the feeling of isolation she felt every time she saw them together and she was starting to dislike entering the lair, a place she had once rejoiced going to every day.

So when she got a hit on a potential location for the Clock King she realised this was her chance to prove herself to the Team.

She was the only one that could go out and get them the information they needed so they could take down the new criminal element terrorising Starling City.

Not because the other members of the Team were incapable of such a task, but because they all had other plans for the evening.

Dig had a date with Lyla, Roy had to work in the club, and Oliver was tagging along with Sara to a Lance family dinner. So really there was no one else, she justified.

Felicity thought back to the last time she had ventured out by herself and gave a small shudder.

Dig had been in no condition to go out and Oliver was at his mother's trial so that only left her to be able to go and check out the immunisation truck.

And straight into the hands of the Count, leaving her in a precarious position and Oliver faced with a hard choice.

Even though he had told her that there was no choice to make.

There was no doubt in her mind that she never wanted to repeat that scenario, so she just had to be smarter about things.

Tonight was only going to be a simple recon mission. All she had to do was suss out the building from a safe distance, see if she could see anything.

But still she knew how the others would react to her plan. While she knew that she wasn't putting herself in danger, she doubted the others would see it that way.

So Felicity waited until the other three had said their goodbyes and headed out, before she too gathered her things and left.

Since she had parked out the front of Verdant that night, she made her way up the stairs and out the door that put her on the club floor.

She quickly made her way through the growing crowds of people, oblivious to Roy who was standing at the bar and saw her leave.

Felicity felt her legs cramp up underneath her as she continued to watch the warehouse from the roof of a nearby building.

She had been pleasantly surprised when she found the door to the stairwell unlocked so she could easily make her way up to the vantage point of the roof.

She hadn't been there long, but in that time there had been no movement. This wasn't unusual; the Clock King was probably out setting up his next bizarre form of hell.

Her searches, and her instincts, told her that this was the right place and where the Clock King was holding his base. So she told herself that she would stay for another half an hour to wait for him to come back.

Felicity shifted her position to try and get more comfortable on the concrete floor since she knew she would be there a while longer.

As she did, she thought she heard movement behind her but before she could turn her head to investigate, she felt a dull thud on the back of her head and everything went black.

Dig sighed as he rushed back to Verdant. Oliver had given him the night off so he could spend it with Lyla.

And he planned on doing just that, as soon as he made this detour and retrieved his wallet that he had left it in the lair in his rush to leave earlier.

As he descended the stairs, he was surprised to see all of the lights still on. No one was expected down here tonight, since the man himself wasn't going out under the hood.

Cautiously, he made his way through the large space, looking around to see who was there. He didn't spot anyone but saw Felicity's computers were still on.

While everyone else in the Team had someone to go home to and/or spend time with outside of this job, he knew Felicity didn't really have that - outside of the people that knew about Oliver.

So of course she would choose to stay behind and work while the others had other plans for the night.

"Felicity?" He called out, not seeing her in the main room but assuming she was somewhere. There was no reply so Dig moved further into the lair, checking the back area looking for her.

"Felicity?" he called again, but realised she wasn’t there as he came up empty. He simply shrugged thinking that she may have gone out to get some fresh air.

He rushed back to her computers, knowing that that's where he left his wallet. He was just leaving when he caught sight of what was on said computers.

There was an address above a 3D map of that area, beside a picture of the Clock King.

Felicity must have gotten a hit on the whereabouts of the Clock King and intuition told him that Felicity had gone to check out that address.

He took a deep breath and told himself not to jump to conclusions. Felicity was the smartest person Dig knew, she wouldn't be so stupid to go out alone.

Especially not after what happened with the Count and Oliver's reaction.

Dig called Felicity's phone, listening to it ring and willing her to pick up so that he knew where she was. But the phone rang out and went to voicemail.

So she didn't answer, that didn't mean she was in trouble. She could be at home in the shower and just not heard the phone.

But then why would the computers be on? She was a stickler for allowing the computers to back up every night, so he knew she always turned them off when she left.

It's fine - Dig reasoned. She just didn't hear the phone. So he tried again. Again, the phone rang, and rang, and rang. But this time, the call was answered.

Only it wasn't the voice he was expecting. It wasn't the well-known feminine tones of his team-mate, but the recently learnt taunting masculine voice of their latest target.

"I'm sorry. She's a little… tied up at the moment." the Clock King laughed. "If you hurt her…" Dig left the threat unspoken.

"You'll what - kill me? I'm not afraid to die." the Clock King admitted. "You should be." Dig snarled into the phone.

"And why would I be afraid of you?" the Clock King smirked. "Because I know where you are, and I'm coming to make you pay!" Dig assured the man.

The Clock King scoffed, "You can't know where I am." "We'll see." Dig said flatly as he hung up the phone and threw it across the room. Oliver was not going to be happy.

Dig quickly picked up the phone that always sat next to Felicity, noting that his phone now lay smashed on the other side of the room. He dialled Oliver's number and waited for him to pick up.

Only as soon as the ringing sounded in his ear, he heard a faint ringing near him. Looking over, he spotted the flashing screen of Oliver's phone.

Slamming down the receiver, he strode over to where Oliver's phone was sitting on the edge of the table. Picking it up, he quickly scrolled through the contacts until he reached Sara's name and tried her.

No answer. He put Oliver's phone down hard as he frantically looked around the room.

Now what was he supposed to do? Felicity was in trouble and someone had to go save her. And since he couldn't get a hold of the two usual vigilantes, he knew he had to do it himself.

But he couldn't just stroll in there as himself; that would just put a target on his back as well. He spotted the Arrow outfit and started towards it.

Could he wear the hood? He had done it before, sure, but that had always been with Oliver's knowledge and pretty much his idea in the first place.

To use it now would be like stealing from Oliver since it was his secret identity. What right did Dig have to put it on? Dig shook his head at the thought.

Oliver wouldn't be upset with him for being the Arrow if it meant he could save Felicity.

Without thinking about it any further, Dig grabbed the outfit and stuffed it into a duffle bag that was nearby, not wanting to waste time putting it all on now.

When he had raced to Verdant to collect his wallet, he had parked haphazardly out the front since he had only planned on being there a minute, so he exited through the club.

He didn't notice Roy who was behind the bar, noticing his quick exit.

To be continued...

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