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Something: My diary. Kind of. 4/26/21

Stella's Diary

Hey! It's Stella! This is a story I will work on for a long time! It's about my life and don't be concerned, i'm not sharing anything personal that I don't want to. I will try to publish a story almost every day.

Monday, April 26th

10:37am: Today I am sitting in Social Studies. I have already done math. Today in math we took a re-test and then did a math picture hunt. Currently we are doing mean, median, and mode in math. In social studies we are learning about the black death.

1:01pm: Now I am in ELA. I did science and we learned about light and sound. In ELA we are researching zoos. It's kind of fun.

3:11pm: I'm done with ELA, Music and PE. I have cross country and softball later on.

9:41pm Finished cross country and softball. I ran 2 miles today for a cross country meet. Softball was fun. We scrimmaged and I got to bat twice. My legs hurt and I should go to bed now.

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