On Living Life According to Your Average Child
On Living Life

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football_girl Im not super active rn but I still care💛
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A Rap/Poem.
I’m going to try to start posting more again!!Write some birthmarks chapters hopefully :D

On Living Life According to Your Average Child

I’ve been extra busy lately

Ain’t no time for thinking

Laughing having fun

Not just moping round and sitting

Trying to brighten up the future

And ignore the inevitable

That we're all gonna die

And our existence is questionable

There’s so much bad in this world

It’s hard to block it out

But if I let it get to me

I know I won’t leave this couch

I can’t just curl up in a ball

And cry myself a river

I’ve got to swim through the hard times

And get out quick so I don’t shiver

So I’ve been spending time with family

Having great fun with friends

I love to see them laugh

Even at the world’s end

Their happiness is my everything

And though I’m just a kid

Swear I’d take a bullet for any of them

Even if it was the last thing I did

People see me and instantly judge

Just a meek and mild girl

Weak and sensitive, ha! Oh please

I don’t give a damn for your strings of pearls

They’re all as fake as Barbie

Made of plastic too

Packaged up and shipped off

The ‘perfect’ role models for me and you

The only thing to do is turn my head

Laugh and their idiocy and snigger

I’ve got the ones who love me and

Love is always bigger

This is my story, this is my life

I’m my own protagonist

I will rise above the puppet masters

Saving lives out on the battlefront

This may seem a little much

But I just want to make it clear

My only objective is to enjoy this life

Because that is why I’m here

Mess with me and I’ll break you

But don’t forget I’m human too

We all get sad and we all cry

And one day we will all die

But until then, I’m going to smile

Make the life I’ve been gifted worth the while

So take my hand and swear this pledge

From here on we live on the edge

Before I go for some time

I hope you have enjoyed my rhymes

I’d just like to say before I go

One thing I’d like to let you know:

You are awesome,

You are loved,

You are as beautiful as a dove,

I hope your smile is here to stay

But most importantly,

Have a lovely day.

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